The February ‘14 Update

The blushing giraffe

Hello there lovely people! February has been such a meh month for me…as I sit here and try to sum it up, that’s the best word I can come up with thankgoodness I’m not doing an English degree eh? I am also trying to get used to just picking up my camera and leaving the house so, as mentioned before these posts are just sort of motivation for me to try and be more creative with my camera as well as little records of each month for the future :) Having said that if any of you have any tips for travelling around town with a DSLR please please leave a comment below! I’m thinking of buying one of those covers that are super lightweight but still protective.


I managed to see my bestfriend Ana after AGES (lows of University, hardly seeing le friends) and she came over for breakfast one day at the start of Feb, which was so nice^_^ we made pancakes and had a good ol’ catch-up. Need some more of those very soon! Also Ana’s started her own blog, it’s more of a lifestyle one, with bits of everything so do check it out here and tell her I said hi ;D How cute are the food rubbers? haha even more so for her because she’s studying dietetics! two practical but cute gifts I got her, the RG notebook, of course she laves him so that was a must too!


Ok guys, just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this photo is. Whoever thought of putting Oreos into chocolate, you have seriously damaged my bank balance, and thus le spending ban. I have 59 days left, and yes I haven’t bought any makeup, but I have been buying a silly amount of chocolate this month which is frustrating because I can’t even say I love the stuff usually!


I also cooked my first ever chickpea curry. It was pretty nice for a first attempt (if I do say so myself)


A photo of le bedroom in the first week, when I took it upon myself to paint the feature wall. It has now been painted by a professional who did a pretty good job (I went for a warm off white colour as you can see from the above photo) but as I haven’t bought a mattress yet. Who knew mattresses came in so many different forms and furthermore…were so expensive?! I won’t be sharing the finished product just yet, keep your eyes peeled for march and if any of you know of some good interior design blogs/pinterests please leave them below!


Randomly painted my nails on the train, because why not? haha


You may remember from last month’s update, that I was having issues with Sleek! Well..after no response from tweets and from the message box on their site, I hunted high and low for a number I could call, and came across their customer services e-mail address! They were quick to reply to my first e-mail, but had to check over the details with the shipping company they use. After 3 weeks (with regular updated emails apologising for the inconvenience ) they confirmed that it indeed had been lost, and asked what I would like them to do…I of course asked for another batch to be sent asap and it came in 3 days! I’ll be posting a quick haul this evening. Although I was disappointed with the lack of response via twitter, the customer service team dealt with the problem well and I’m just relieved I got my order all in one piece, even if it was a month late!


I met this cool Lego man at a John Lewis store, and tried to take a photo secretly…with a rather large camera..didn’t look sus at all. I also ventured into the baby section and I have chosen my birthday present JUST LOOK AT THOSE GIRAFFES OH MY GOODNESS, I have never seen such cute giraffes ever before! Also they’re ridiculously soft because they’re suitable from birth and yup, the yellow fellows on the left are also giraffes – bobo giraffes apparently?! The lions are adorable too, n’awwwwh.


Finally, this Wednesday I finished off my placement at a Nursery. Look at my chicken baguette I cooked up with a new friend haha. I worked mainly with the 2 years and under, and it was a great (if messy) experience!

Spending ban this month wasn’t fab, I managed to pick up quite a few items in various ‘last chance sales’ looking at chu’ UO and ASOS, so although I haven’t bought any makeup, I ditched the money book and splurged elsewhere ._. blogging this month has also been rather hit and miss, I didn’t manage my 12 post target a month nor did I keep up with reading, because University work has well and truly caught up with me. I also just needed a little break from the Blogosphere, and that’s perfectly fine sometimes!

All in all it’s been a stressful month with miserable weather and lack of motivation all around. March, however is starting off with a wedding though! Very happy about that, it’ll give me a chance to take some beautiful photos and of course make an effort with le makeup!

I have two group presentations coming up in March, as well as three reports to get done. We are also edging closer to exams, so now is the time to be organised and start scheduling posts! If you have any first year uni tips/time management tips PLEASE LET ME KNOW! :)

Thank you for reading ^_^ I’d love to know how your February been.