The Long Awaited Sleek Haul!

sleek haul
Hello! Another haul in the month of Feb, BUT this was actually delivered to me a month late ._. (full story here) so it’s not broken the spending ban. In fact it’s been a real treat considering I haven’t actually purchased makeup for weeks and weeks now! ahhhh the silver lining to that cloud haha.
Anyway despite the worry of having an order go missing (my first ever internet mishap might I add) I was just as excited to open the parcel as I was when I placed it. This is because Sleek is well and truly one of my favourite makeup brands ever. They consistently produce high quality makeup for affordable prices, and their blushers are on par with the likes of NARS (my high-end fave!) When I heard they were bringing out new blushers and an eyeshadow palette I followed the details carefully and placed as order as soon as I could.
IMG_8128IMG_8134sleek blush by 3s the blushing giraffe review
Their ‘blush by 3’ are essentially  palettes, that cost £10 each for 3 highly pigmented blusher shades. In total they have released 8, with californ.i.a and pink lemonade being their newest. I already own two, and flame is not a new release but I added this to my collection. The blush by 3’s cost £10, which is AMAZING value, as each shade is therefore £3.33. Sleek also have a number of single blushers, which cost around the £5 mark and have some stunning shades available (flamingo which I reviewed here is one of my all time favourites).

The primary reason I bought Flame was because of that brilliant bright red shade in the middle. I have heard it is a near dupe for NARS’ Exhibit A and whilst I couldn’t justify splurging alot for a shade I wasn’t sure on with NARS, coming in at £3.33 this palette was well worth buying for this shade! All three blushers are powder, and two of them are matte. 

I didn’t know that the Californ.i.a blush palette was their first consisting of ONLY cream blushers and was a little apprehensive about the quality. I’ve only  tried it once so far, and as you might have expected there was nothing to worry about, the pigmentation is plenty and the consistency is simply dreamy. A review with swatches will no doubt be coming out soon for this one as the colours are pretty much universal (unlike perhaps flame which would suit the more medium/deeper skin tones in my opinion.) 

Pink Lemonade was probably the one that I was most underwhelmed by as that purplish/pink hue isn’t something I reach for often when browsing. There is one cream blush in the middle, and two shimmer/satin shades. Having said that I know its very important not to judge a blush by its pan, and I’ve got a feeling they’re going to surprise me.


And the eyeshadow palette to rival all recent palettes to my collection *takes a moment to appreciate the gorgeousness*. It was actually this palette called Garden of Eden which confirmed that I NEEDED the new Sleek stuff! Filled with purples and greens, this is the perfect palette for all of us brown eyed girls out there, though I’m sure it would be stunning with green eyed/hazels too. What I love most is that all the greens in this palette are wearable, nothing neon or pea green, and I am so excited to start playing around with beauty. I have a growing collection of their palettes too, and although this doesn’t have any safe browns and creams I am very happy such a variety of shades has joined my stash!

I'd also like to add that this is the first time I have seen sleek give suggestions with shades on their palette packaging! How awesome is that?! Perhaps I could follow them and show you guys in the future haha..I did also see this palette was packaged in a snakeskin carboard box, which mine did not come in. I'm not too fussed, I mean it's just a box, but the limited ed packaging does look interesting^_^

I always think to myself I should do more single reviews on Sleek, so hopefully that will be schedualed somewhere! Personally though I find getting decent quality and accurate swatches the most challenging part of photography (aside for the lack of sunshine!) so I’m never 100% happy with swatches I create. Anyways enough rambling and excuses, there will be plenty more sleek coming your way here on The Blushing Giraffe!

Have you seen anything in this haul that has caught your eye? Let me know :D