March Update

march update

Hello beauts! This month, seems to have been the month of S T R E S S. I had two group presentations and three assignments and it was a real challenge. I have no idea how I’ve done with the latter, but I’m pleased and relieved to report that the group presentations both went well and I’m happy with the grades we achieved ^_^

There were however some wonderful parts of March, one being my beautiful baby cousin arriving! She is as cute as a button, with the most delicate features masha’Allah (May God bless her).

March started off with a wedding, which was really exciting because it had been quite a long while since I had been able to attend one. Here are a few snaps, I guess the main thing this taught me with my new camera was how difficult it was to get decent photos in that sort of lighting and no flash ._.

wedding roseIMG_8443IMG_8459WEDDING

To respect their privacy I’ve covered their faces but you can see how beautiful the stage was, and also the traditional wedding outfit’s that Pakistani bride and grooms wear ^_^

Palestine Conference

I was also lucky enough to attend the Palestine Conference at Nottingham University with my Uni’s ISOC. It was such a great event, as somebody who already cares strongly for the people of Palestine, who are essentially the victims of the world’s more silent genocide – it was highly educational. We were fortunate enough to attend a workshop all about the press and Palestine. The bias in the media and how you will NEVER hear the BBC utter a single bad word against Israel. The censorship within the western media against Palestine is sickening. We also were extremly lucky to hear Finkelstein speak about the current political situation, though very sombre.

palestine conferencepalestine conference

The way I see it is, regardless of your political stance, race, nationality or religion every single human being has a responsibility to stand against oppression and genocide. Palestinians are killed every single day, just for existing. The former BBC middle east corespondent told us how one time, he saw a Palestinian man asking a guard to let him pass the check point so he could see his dying mother, who was in hospital. He had heard the news that she was very ill and he told the guard he believed she only had a few hours left to live and he needed to see her. So what did the guard do? Keep the man there for a further six and a half hours. By the time the guard allowed him through his mother had passed away. The anger and grief that flooded through me, when hearing this could not even be half of his, but I felt like I was going to explode with a  mixture of fury and helplessness. HOW DARE THEY?This is the way Zionist Israelis are treating the Palestinians, with no mercy and no humanity at all. What is most ironic is that the Jews of Israel, the Zionist Jews are treating the Muslims and Christians of Palestine in a similar manner to how Hitler treated their own ancestors. Many many many people are ignorant when it comes to Palestine, or choose to turn a blind eye. If you would like to know more about the current situation, and anything YOU could do to help do check out this website:

palestine conference

At the conference we also got to witness traditional Palestinian dancing – dabka and have a go ourselves. This was a really fun element, even though I wasn’t feeling too well it was great watching the girls all holding hands and dancing to the tune.

There was also yummy food for sale, and the most delicious and beautiful cakes which I just couldn’t resist snapping up, both through Camera and eating!

japan - g bakes brownies japan g bakes palestine conferencejapangbakes cakes palestine onference 

HOW UTERLY BEAUTIFUL?!!? She is sooo talented ^_^ so do check out her social media above, they were delicious and the ones just above are actually traditional Palestinian cake, my mouth was watering at the very sight of them!

The rest of the month as I mentioned was pretty much spent just stressing out a lot. I think sadly, today (the 29th of March) I have well and truly broken my spending ban. I wanted to go 101 days without buying makeup but today I picked up some bits from boots and earlier in the week I couldn’t help treating myself to the Ciate nail sets that were heavily discounted on fragrance direct.

I went around 70 days without buying ANY makeup, which is quite an achievement for me. But I think I’ll stick to the last month or so of no buying, I accept I’ve broken it but I did really enjoy using and making the most of what I own already. It’s taught me to appreciate everything that I have so much! I’ve managed to buy quite a few clothing bits still, and I am planning on buying a mattress in the next fortnight so it’s great to know that money that could have been splurged on cosmetics is going towards important things like getting a good night’s sleep!

minions sadly stuck in a con machineIMG_9552market flowers

I do want to try out some LUSH skincare, but realised when in the store that I simply couldn’t buy anything without doing my blogosphere research first! Those poor poor minions stuck in a con machine. And beautiful flowers at my local market. Yes I am actually making good use of my dslr slowly but surely, and I’d like to share something that has helped me do so in a post soon ^_^I am preparing to go to my uncle’s wedding tomorrow! Very very excited about that, so keep you eye out for wedding makeup posts. I’m going to try and work with a pigment tomorrow, eeek, here’s hoping I don’t end up looking like a scary mess!


I hope you have all had a lovely month! Thank-you for reading :)