Primark Haul!

primark the blushing giraffe

Hey beauts, on Friday I popped into Primark with my lovely friend Ayesha and picked up a few home essentials. As I have 85% moved out the two things I was missing were a mattress and hangers. I thought I’d share with you all most of the things I picked up, including a very adorable pair of giraffe slipper socks WHICH HAVE EYELASHES!!

I should just point out that these photos have been taken in poor lighting, at around 11pm so they won’t be the best quality! However I was determined to experiment with my camera as I literally JUST got a tripod today (eeeek) so I persevered!

heart cushion X2 (£3) each
Non-slip hangers set of 10 X2 (£4 each)
Set of three gaudy rings for when I’m feeling zat look - £3
Patterned maxi dress - £13 – not sure about the belt but I’ll probably wear this as a maxi and a skirt (layered with shorter tops) I love that the material of this is great for hotter months, and not clingy in the slightest.
Elephant patterned PJ bottoms - £6 – Not only are the material for these perfect for the hotter nights, but these are the cutest and possibly most chique sleep wear I have purchased to date! (they also have pockets!)
Giraffe slipper socks, which were basically MADE FOR ME - £3
Basic shopper - £1.50 – Just a bag I can use for my uni library books, rather than risking breaking my main bag!
Finally some ‘luxury flannels’ which came in at £1.50 for two. I use flannels soooo often these days so buying a few backups was essential!

Oh and I almost forgot, this elephant print throw was also one of my favourite Primark purchases! £5 for the softest most adorable throw ever, B A R G A I N! ^_^

I did pick up a few other bits, including a cardigan in the style of a kimono which will be so pretty for spring!   However it’s black so the camera wasn’t doing it justice. I also purchased a necklace, and only when coming to photograph it did I realise it was broken ._. but all in all Primark's home section is gorgeous right now, especially these fluffy cushions for £3 a pop no wonder they were flying off the shelf! Have you picked up anything nice from there recently?
Thanks for reading! :)