Hello! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to blog, in fact I’m currently ill in bed with a fever, cold and a sore throat. After sleeping as much as I could I decided to write up the blog post that should have been posted on Sunday. These are as usual the products I’ve picked out from my stash and mini reviews/impressions on each of them. As always let me know how you got on with any of them!

on my face this week

E.L.F HD Powder // Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Brunette // Sleek Blush-By-3 in Pink Lemonade // Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick – 8 // Fashionista Custom Design Eyeshadow Palette


I purchased this powder in my first ever E.L.F haul which was a at least a year and a half ago! I never really used it much because firstly, I’m not a powder kinda girl, my skin is more on the dry side so I simply don’t need to add another layer to my face. Secondly as this is starkly white, it did produce a kind of greyish tone on my skin not a good look. On sunday the 1st of March however, I had a wedding to attend and remembered how when there is an evening event, and its fairly warm my skin can appear quite shiny. So I dug this out and have to say by applying a small amount to my T-zone I’m very happy with how it kept any shininess away and my skin looked good in even flash photography! I did use it very moderately and I did bronze too, just to even out the skin. For it’s price I think this is well worth picking up, but if your skin tone is NC35+ do be aware that it’ll probably give you a grey cast when used a little too much.


I actually tried a lipstick out for near enough a whole week! This colour from the 2012 Kate Moss collection, is a beautiful sophisticated mauvey-pink colour. In the bullet it looks alright, nothing special..however on the lips this sort of pull my makeup together and I love how it lasts a good 5 hours on me. It’s not the MOST moisturising formula ever but I always apply my favourite and most intensive lip balm before hand (reviewed here) and it’s been nice using an actual lipstick again!


For the past week I used mainly just my brow wiz, and adored how QUICK you can fill in the sparse hairs, give the brows some definition and be done. using this pencil takes half the time than using powder/pomade and although my ultimate method of getting full/on point brows is using a bit of everything, I’ve appreciated this pencil AND the perfect sized spoolie very much.


For the cheeks, I decided to dip into Pink Lemonade first from the goodies I had to pick from after my sleek haul! This is the one that I was most dubious about, but as I thought it didn’t disappoint. Whilst I haven’t used the lightest shade much, both the cream and the pink on the right have been adored. I’m still getting used to the texture of cream blush in general, and have to say it hasn’t won me over, powder is still the way forwards in my books, but both colours are lovely and so universal. When I’ve got a bit of F&B on, and paler skin they look pretty, but they also look lovely when I’m using a warmer shade of foundation.

Eye’s wise I decided to pick up my custom Fashionista palette for the first time in a while! After all those hauls, I had finally made myself a palette with just the neutrals, and I’ve loved wearing them again. The first post is HERE and the second is HERE and third is HERE, where swatches, names, links and prices are all available (each shade is available for £2!)

I’m hoping to get back into a schedule of blog posts, but with being ill, preparing for presentations, writing reports and learning to drive, do bear with me! Also a huuuuge thankyou to all my new followers, I hope you enjoy the posts here on The Blushing Giraffe ^_^