January Catchup//Update

january catchup
Hey everybody, how are you all doing? I hope you’re all great ^_^ I wanted to bring this little end of the month thing back and stick to it this time. The main thing that held me back from doing this little round up in the past was the lack of relevant photos I’ve taken, but that’s not a good enough excuse anymore! Also I quite enjoy the ‘catchup’ thing instead.

January 2015 was on the whole brilliant. I got insured and everything commuting wise has changed. Of course the first few times were terrifying driving to Uni, which is around 20ish miles away, but now I’m finally getting the hang of the route and it’s becoming really enjoyable. There are still two large and crisscrossy roundabouts that freak me out a little bit, I get my head around what lane I’m supposed to be in and suddenly I realise the traffic lights have turned red? It’s a lot to take in, and SOME PEOPLE ARE SO RUDE/IMPATIENT but on the whole, it’s been fantastic. Also cutting my commuting down time by 40 minutes is wonderful, as well as not having to wait for the bus in -3 temperature is all I’ve wanted since I started Uni so I’m super grateful to be able to drive at last ^_^

january catchup

I finally got a new phone, the iphone6, which is beautiful in every way and the screen-size has made such a difference! It’s perfect for watching videos, checking through the lecture slides and taking beautiful photos.

Uni wise assignments have been quite stressful, I'm not sure why I struggled to start them when I know how hard stress can hit towards the end. But I really enjoyed one of them, the personality one where the task was to analyse Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone through the humanistic perspective. When I got into it, I really really enjoyed it and to be honest that’s the first time I have enjoyed writing a paper since the first semester of last year.

January has been the first full month of my ‘appreciating what I already have by not buying anymore makeup’ thing and I cannot tell you all how much I’ve enjoyed it. For two main reasons, the first being I have actually been able to see what I have and truly notice what I own and use it up. Secondly restraining myself from buying makeup means that I find out what I REALLY want y’know? If I haven’t thought about a specific thing twice in a week, clearly I don’t really want or need it (lool). It has also been really refreshing NOT getting parcels for the first time in two years, and actually seeing products used up is brilliant.

February is looking to be a great month, less assignments and a little more plans than January (other than stressing over assignments).

How was your first month of 2015?