Happy New Year! 2015 Goals

2015 goals

Hello there! Today I wanted to post my goals for this year, a few less than last year but ones I will hopefully be referring to throughout 2015 and applying to better myself.

1. Reply to ALL blog comments

Oh dear, I have been RUBBISH at this the past year, but from now on every Sunday I plan to sit down and go through that week’s posts and reply to each and every one of you lovely lot! I have never not replied because I couldn’t be bothered, it’s just been a task I pushed to the bottom of priorities whilst getting over-whelmed with everything else (I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, running a blog is not easy or quick but it is so rewarding).


2. Stick to ‘appreciating what I have’

You may have read this post where I declared that actually - it’s not a spending ban, because that sounds too restrictive and it’s not about restricting, its about appreciating everything I have already! Time to shop the stash, and although I’ve refrained from buying makeup in the past, never have I got 5 whole months eeeeek! I’m still going to be buying non-makeup items and replacing my Benefit erase paste but aside from that, no spendy on le makeups.


3. Stay on track of my blog plan

I’ve used a blogging book since the start, but it’s been very informal and one of those doodle kinda books, not really a plan as such. As time has gone on I’ve realised it’s extremely hard to come up with post ideas on the spot, hastily take a few photos, then take longer editing them up and eventually put a post out when I have such a busy schedule! It got to the point where the blog was adding much more stress to my life than taking it away. Well enough is enough, I spent a therapeutic hour or two brainstorming and writing up a little schedule in my new blog book and I really really want to stick to it, be more regular on my site and become consistent!


4. Learn to Park!

Hmmm. I’m hoping I nail this in the first two months actually, but I know that even with my little car I have issues with parking haha. To be fair to myself I’ve not had the chance yet to try parking alone, as my insurance will be starting in the second week of Jan *sobs a little bit out of excitement* but I know a lot of time and patience will be needed for this one!


5. Tackle SPSS

If you have any form of stats in your degree course then you will feel my PAIN here. Urgh. It is honestly the only thing I despise about my course and it can really bring me down, I know I’ve not had a good start with it even in second year but that only means one thing. I gotta tackle SPSS head on and spend more and more time with the programme and teach myself how to make sense of it. If anyone has any tips/resources/books they would recommend I’d LOVE to know!


6. Invest time in the Quran

The Quran, if you didn’t know is the holy book of Muslims and I’m not being biased when I say it is truly amazing. There are no words strong enough to describe its beauty and the wealth of knowledge and understanding one can draw from it! But I have to admit I don’t spend even a fifth of the time I should in trying to better my pronunciation and even  reading the meaning in English. This is definitely to do with the amount of time I spend on social media rather than making proper use of my time. Well let 2015 be the year that balances out - time is short and time is precious.


7. Be an early bird

Ok this will be gradual but I REALLY want to be able to wake up earlier and make full use of the day. I know how easy it is to sleep late, in fact it’s become more than just a habit over the past few months - its routine now. However I also have experienced the awesome feeling of reaching 11am and ticking of half of the to-do list for the day! So this year I want my schedule notebook to be glued to my side and my head to be on my pillow before 11:30....baby steps..but I can do it.


Those are my seven goals for the year! I strongly disbelieve in resolutions and the attitude that states ‘new year = new me.’ I know more than anyone else that change comes from within yourself and needs hard work, focus and determination. Yes I want to get fit, yes I want to lose my double chin!!, yes I want to eat better-  those things are monthly or even weekly goals and whilst it’s brilliant to have an optimistic start, what is more important is never losing sight of that end result! (something I have done a lot in 2014).


Do you set yourself goals every year?

Thank-you for reading ♥

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