Review + HG | Make Up For Ever Aqua Lipliners in 2C and 3C

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lipliners in 2C rosewood and 3C review and swatch

Hello everyone! Today’s review is of my favourite lip liners of ALL time, yes they’ve even managed to beat the AMAZING Rimmel lip liners (which take the top spot for me from the highstreet). The Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliners (£13.00) were one of the first purchases I made when MUFE hit Debenhams this year. I had three things on my wishlist, the Face and Body foundation, the Ultra HD foundation and these lipliners and I am so pleased with my experience of each so far. The launch of MUFE in Debenhams was one of the most exciting beauty events of the year for me as it is SUCH a high quality brand, with prices that are in the good medium ground similar to MAC, but of course this is ethical. I had seen Huda Beauty use these in quite a few of her videos and she said these were her all time favourites. If you’ve ever watched Huda you’ll know that she is constantly trialling out different makeup, so for these to be labelled her absolute favourites meant that I had to give them a go and now I have these, I will always be repurchasing! Okay enough rambling, on to the review!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lipliners in 2C rosewood and 3C review and swatch

The MUFE Aqua lipliners come in a large range of colours, with the Debenhams website stocking 25 in total! They claim to be waterproof lipliners and they aren’t lying, these set and stay on the lips VERY well. My lipstick will fade but the lipliner will remain throughout the day, even while eating, which is so so great! But aside from the lasting power, the formula overall is what really seals the deal for me. They glide on the lips and are just waxy enough to actually define the lips, but they also have a good amount of creaminess to them which makes filling in the whole lip area a piece of cake.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lipliners in 2C rosewood and 3C review and swatch

 I’m a fan of the packaging, the colour of the lipliners match the colour of the lids and the ends which make it easy to identify which pencil is which. It is a pencil form which I personally prefer over the retractable kind, sure it means you need to have a sharpener, but I just find that wooden pencil lip liners define and shape my lips better than twist up ones. You can be a little more precise if that makes sense, as you have more control!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lipliners in 2C rosewood and 3C review and swatch
 As you all know I adore Rimmel lip liners, I actually did a collection post with swatches on Jasmine’s blog (post here) and I also really enjoy the range of colours Rimmel offer. However MUFE really hit the nail on the head when it comes to their shades and of course being a higher end brand the variety available is much better. I really wanted a colour which could allow me to slightly overline the lips and get a believable fuller look. I have definitely overlined my lips a little too much in the past and trust me, its not a good look! So I went for two shades, 2C - Rosewood and 3C - Medium Natural Beige. I honestly adore both of them. 2C is a medium slightly rosy toned pink and it is basically my go to lip liner for lighter, nudey lips. It compliments every nude lipstick I own and what I love is that when the lipstick fades, my lips are still looking defined and plump all thanks to this pencil. The formula also doesn’t dry my lips out, however I will always scrub and balm first before colouring them all in with a pencil!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lipliners in 2C rosewood and 3C review and swatch

2C, 3C

3C is my favourite of the two though, because it makes slightly over lining the lips and making them look a LOT fuller so so easy. It is one shade deeper than my natural lip colour and I had never found the perfect lipliner to help me achieve that look, till this pencil came into my life so I am OBSESSED. It kind of pains me every time I sharpen it because I love it that much! If you’re of a medium skintone you need this shade in your life and I don’t say that often about any product. It is pigmented enough to get that perfect defined pout and the brilliant formula means it will stay put throughout most of the day...what more could I ask for? I also love how versatile this is, I can use it with nude lipsticks, mauvy lipsticks, brown lipsticks, I think you get my drift!! I would go as far as to say that if all my makeup disappeared and I was only allowed ONE lipliner, 3C would be the one.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lipliners in 2C rosewood and 3C review and swatch

Overall Rating

Rating: 9

Pros: Possibly the most perfect lip liner formula EVER??? Creamy but still firm enough to line the lips, the formula really is waterproof and it is the longest lasting liner I have ever tried. 2C is a lovely colour for everyday, especially for my pinky nude lipsticks. 3C is my all time favourite colour because it is incredibly versatile and as it is just a shade deeper than my natural lip colour, its the only liner that allows me to carefully overline the lips and totally get away with looking like I have full lips!

Cons: The only one I can think of is price, but honestly its worth the money (opt for these over MAC ones too, cheaper and longer lasting and ethical OFC!)

Repurchase? Yes! I will be purchasing more neutral shades in May when I visit the Oxford St. store for sure because I love these lip liners and I kind of want all the wearable shades D:

Have you tried the Make Up For Ever Aqua Lipliners?

Thank-you for reading ♥