Reviewing 2015's Goals

reviewing 2015s goals

I started the year off with seven goals and reading the post back made me chuckle. Well mainly the end bit where I proclaimed that I ‘strongly disbelieve in resolutions’...which isn’t exactly untrue. The whole new year = new me attitude just isn’t realistic, but I am someone who loves the new year and the feeling of freshness. I also think setting goals to work towards are a productive way to get stuff done, so lets have a little review at the goals I’ve set ^_^

1. Reply to ALL blog comments
Achieved? - YES!
I really have been good at replying to comments this year, setting an hour or so every week to reply and visit the blogs back to share the love! It feels so good to show appreciation for fellow bloggers and I know how much I love getting comments myself.

2. Stick to ‘appreciating what I have’
Achieved: - Sort of
This one is interesting because I had totally forgotten that I had put myself on some sort of spending ban for five months! After searching for some sort of update post talking about, I realised that there were was yet ANOTHER ban I had set myself at the start of 2014 too! I think it’s shown me that although I do really like treating myself, I have a very guilty attitude towards my makeup collection. A part of me feels really sad about that, but then a part of me realises that is because I really do have enough and sometimes having SO MUCH feels really suffocating. That’s the only reason why I keep trying to put a stop to it and although I’ve failed in the past, now I’m almost three months into my CURRENT not-buying makeup phase I’m more determined than ever to stick to it. I think having a countdown app on my phone is really motivating too.

3. Stay on track of my blog plan
Achieved: Yes!
I’m so happy to have met this goal because I have posted pretty consistently throughout this year. Balancing the blog with the rest of my life has always been a bit of a challenge, but the second year of blogging has been more manageable and I hope to continue this in the next year and life will most likely get a lot busier! It’s been really fun to sit and brainstorm for the upcoming posts and super useful knowing which posts are coming up. For almost a year I pretty much blogged on the spot, as and when ideas came to me and that was not only very stressful, but it also left me with poor quality blog photos. This year being a little more organised has upped my blogging game a notch, but I want to put even more thought and care into the planning to make my blog better.


4. Learn to Park!
Achieved? Sort of.
I can bay park pretty well, I have to as I park in a large carpark at least three times a week for work. I did unfortunately scrape my car when I was in a rush a few weeks back (which apparently costs a ridiculous amount to fix up, who knew car paint was so much £££), but aside from that I’ve been okay. As for parallel parking, if its inbetween two cars...NO CHANCE! I’m too much of a wimp!

5. Tackle SPSS
Achieved? Not Really Applicable ._.
Honestly after second year I left SPSS where it belongs, at university. I passed the exam in the summer so I think I kind of met this goal, but if I’m being strict on myself not really lol. Luckily there is no research methods module in third year, so I haven’t been plagued with it so far but come dissertation results time I will have to face up to it. I feel very lucky that I have a wonderful dissertation tutor who actually loves statistics and has the patience of an angel, so I don’t feel as anxious as I would if I had to deal with this alone.

6. Invest time in the Quran
Achieved: No:(
This goal makes me the sadest tbh and it’s one that I will be resetting for myself in 2016, because it means a lot to me! I just really need to make the time and be disciplined.

7. Be an early bird
Achieved: Not really D:
Unfortunately I really haven’t met this goal and I wish I had revisited it the goals post earlier to remind myself of this! Waking up an hour earlier and then gradually becoming an early bird does seem doable, its just about sleeping on time too and being such a night owl does not go hand in hand with this goal! However if I do get onto the school direct scheme I’ll be having early starts 5 days a week (which is kind of terrifying), so I guess it’ll be an adjustment that will just happen haha.

So I got 4 yes/sort ofs and 2 Nos which is pretty good in my books! Considering I used to set a bunch of resolutions and meet maybe one out of the whole list, I love the concept of goals a lot more ^_^ But I think I’ve already made that clear haha, so over to you - have you met any of the goals you set this year?

Thank-you for reading ♥