Clarins 'The Big Beauty Gift' in Debenhams

I love a good gift with purchase, in fact an offer like that is usually the reason why I’ll treat myself to more expensive products, because you get so much value for your money! Debenhams have a fantastic offer on at the moment, involving the classic Clarins brand. If you purchase two items, with one being a skincare item, you will receive three very very generous ‘sample’ sizes, AKA The Big Beauty Gift. I’m reluctant to call them samples because they’re large enough to get a proper good feel of the product - nothing mini about these at all! ^_^

The product I am most excited about is the Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin* (100ml) as I was in need of a decent exfoliator which didn’t create a big old mess in the bath (i’m talking about you frank body!). It has bamboo powders which are essentially natural microbeads, for exfoliation and I love that the particles aren’t too rough or abrasive, yet they still work effectively. This product does have quite a strong smell, the words orange and mandarin come to mind, however once it has been washed off it disappears. I was so pleased with how soft this scrub made my skin feel and I am looking forwards to it becoming a regular part of my body care routine!

I was intrigued to receive the Body lift cellulite control* (100ml) because I have never really looked into products of this sort before. This cream has a gel formula and sinks into the skin very quickly. I didn’t notice a strong scent which I appreciated as body cream scents tend to stick around. According to the Clarin’s site this is a ‘revolutionary body contouring cream’ and when looking up reviews, the ones for this actual product (in the red bottle) seemed to be pretty positive. Most people have said that with continued use they actually noticed their skin looking more firm and taunt, so I’m excited to be putting this to the test. I will be sure to update you all in an empties post later on in the year.

The third free gift is the Pure melt cleansing gel* (50ml) which I am looking forwards to using because I tend to stick to more affordable cleansers, so its a real treat to try something from a more luxurious brand! It has a gel consistency when first squeezed out, it then turns into an oil when massaged into the skin and finally when put into contact with water it is more of a milky cleanser texture. The words pure melt to me, instantly signified that it is supposed to be more of a makeup remover, rather than a final cleanser. As you might know I am currently using the Una Brennan Vitamin C Cleansing Oil which I adore, but as soon as it is finished I am going to switch to this. Again it is such a treat to have a great sized cleanser from Clarins in my stash!

This is honestly one of the best gift with purchases I have seen in a long while but if you want to get your hands on these products you need to be quick! This offer ends on the 12th January 2016, so pick up two full sized products (with one being a skincare item) and take advantage! ^_^ below I’ve written a little wishlist as inspo if you need it ^_^

On my Clarins wishlist:
1. Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream
2. Clarins dehydrated oil
3. Clarins fix makeup spray
4.Clarins radiance plus golden glow booster

Have you tried any of these products? What is on your Clarins wishlist?

*This post contains press samples or products gifted to me. All opinions are my own. For more info check my Disclaimer

Thank-you for reading ♥