LOTW | Colourpop Lippiestix in Lumiere

colourpop lippiestix in lumiere review and swatch

Hello everyone, it feels so SO good to be back writing another LOTW post because it has been around 5 weeks since my last! This week I decided to go for another one of my colour pop lippiestix, in the shade ‘lumiere’ which was Kathleen Light’s first collar with the amazing brand. I always feel so bittersweet when using my colour pop lip products because I am obsessed with the formula, the range of colours, the shape and the price…I just hate how hard they are to get here in the U.K! You can read about how I ordered mine last year here and I am yet to find a substantially cheaper method of getting them, although there are sites in the U.K which are selling them…for almost triple the U.S price, so it all depends on how desperate you want to get them - either way it costs an unfair amount - Colourpop sort it out please!

Price: $5.00 although it technically cost me £6.43

colourpop lippiestix in lumiere review and swatch

Formula and Lasting time: This is a gorgeous creamy matte lipstick, opaque in one swipe and so very comfortable to wear on the lips. It lasts 4-5 hours, even with eating and drinking and it fades evenly too. I don’t have any complaints!

Colour: It is described as a dusty mauve-ish pink, but on me it is most definitely more of a mauve with a splash of purple. The lip swatch on the colour pop site looks nothing like the actual colour of the lippiestix in my opinion, it doesn’t capture the mauve/purple at all. I feel like I did get what I expected though because I saw Kathleen’s videos and I really liked the colour on her - it just quite as lovely on me.

colourpop lippiestix in lumiere review and swatch

Favourite way to wear it: I like to wear it with any slightly deeper lipliner, just lightly traced to give my lips some definition and a base (please ignore the nude lipliner swatch!). In terms of the rest of my makeup, I liked wearing quite a simple look. A matte nude eye with winged liner and a dash of mascara.

colourpop lippiestix in lumiere review and swatch

Overall: The shade of lumiere kind of looked odd against my skintone, I think it's the purple tone and I found my teeth looked less white than they normally do too which wasn't wonderful!  Don't get me wrong, its not so bad that I can't use it, but I do like to mix it up with lipliners to alter the colour slightly and make it more flattering for me. My absolute favourite part of this lipstick though, aside from the formula is also the shape. It is quite long and narrow, with the edges being sharp enough to precisely apply the lipstick exactly where I want it.

Available from: www.colourpop.com!

Rating: 8/10

Repurchase? No I wouldn’t repurchase this particular shade, it doesn’t sit as well against my skin tone as I would like. I will definitely be purchasing more of the matte formula lippiestixs, they are so wonderful! 

Thank-you for reading ♥