My 2016 Goals!

Hello lovely people! Happy New Year ^_^

I’m not sure if you have noticed, but for the past two weeks I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break. I just had a lot going on with the family and I wasn’t in the mood to take photos, edit them and write up a post to be honest. I reviewed my 2015 goals, but the other posts were prewritten. Also I managed to cut my index finger on my right hand about a week ago and even though its not a big cut, its pretty deep so I still can’t put any pressure on it - which includes doing the most simplest things like writing, typing, taking photos and opening doors! So anyways the point is, I really needed a little break from the blogging world but I am now back and feeling rejuvinated(ish)!

This year I only have 4 goals, but they're ones I'll have to think about on a regular basis so fingers crossed they're manageable.

1. Keep up with the gym life
hah I love how I’ve typed that as if I’ve been going to the gym for over 6 weeks now...more like just one! But I really cannot express to you guys how much it has impacted my life already. I totally under-estimated how much working out can change your mood, with endorphins buzzing about and really making me feel so much better. Knowing that I am finally getting fit again feels fantastic. To be honest I never really considered joining the gym before, as the thought of working out in a mixed environment made me feel really uncomfortable. So finding out that the newest gym in my area has a ladies only gym area AND a special offer on for only £10 a month sealed the deal for me!

I actually bought two PDF workouts earlier on in 2015 which I was pretty rubbish at sticking at, so I’m glad I can now start using them on a regular basis and hopefully seeing results. They both involve using handheld weights so after day 1 I was ACHING LIKE NO TOMORROW, but that was to be expected and I’m just really excited to continue! I know that once uni starts again it’ll be harder to motivate myself to go, whilst balancing lectures, the work load and my part time job, but sticking to the gym is so important to me. I just know I’m rubbish at consistently working out at home and moreover I really deserve to be fit, healthy and have a better, toned, stronger body!

2. Reduce my sugar intake
Something you may not know about me is that I have a terrible sweet tooth. I’ve had one since I can remember and my grandma used to call me ‘tooti-fruiti’ because I was always asking for fruits (strawberries and mangos in particular). As I got older I discovered sweets of course and I would never say no to them or ice-cream or get it! My mum was a great parent in that she really limited our sugar take and we had one designated sweets day, which for the most part we stuck to. Fast-forward to when I hit 17 and got myself a job = disposable income I had a lot more access to sugar and its fair to say I took advantage. Luckily for me, I used to be one of those annoying people who could eat whatever they wanted and not really put on weight. And it is official, upon leaving my teenage years that is no longer the case!

I feel like in 2015 my relationship with sugar went from ‘treatyoself whenever you’re having a bad day’ to ‘EVERYTHING IS STRESSFUL SO EAT AWAY YOUR WOES.’ I used sweet food to deal with anything negative in my life because for a very short while it made me feel better. Blurgh. I want to be able to consume a healthy amount of sugar without binging because that is not kind to my teeth, nor my body! I’m not one to care about gainng a couple or extra pounds and I have no desire to ever start calorie counting, but my weight gain was quite a bit more than I’ve ever had before and I started feeling really rubbish about myself. I’m the only one who can control this so I’ve decided to just limit down the sugar that I buy to a once a week thing, like back in the day - if it worked then, fingers crossed it works now!

3. Manage my time better
This is a big one for me, as so many times I’ll get to the end of the day and feel really disappointed in myself that I didn’t get half the stuff done that I wanted to do. Somehow, someway I am going to manage my time a lot better and shift my priorities. 2016 is a big year of change for me, I’m in’sha’Allah (God willing) going to be finishing my degree and I’m applying for a pretty intense teaching route. If I get into that teaching route come September I’ll basically be working full time which is KIND OF terrifying! D:

The next goal links into with this, but one of the steps I’ve taken is buying a gorgeous and decently sized paperchase diary. You may remember that I already picked up a 2015/16 diary from Sainsburys maybe two months ago and although I love the look of it, its just too small for me to use for anything more than important date reminders and key points. The paperchase one which I saw in store and then ordered online (I don’t like the thought of loads of people touching it before lololol anyone else??) is a day-per-page one, so I have lots of space to write out a mini plan for the day as well as use it for a journal too. I really miss writing in a diary old school style, so this’ll be a bit of both - oh and its not quite A4 so very portable too! CAN YA TELL I’M EXCTED ABOUT MY NEW DIARY? Just wish it was here already >.<

4. Spend less time on my phone
Like I said this one is linked with the above because my phone is the BIGGEST time zapper in my life! I’ll pick it up to make a quick google search and the next half an hour goes by in the blink of an eye. Sure I’ve caught up on my IG feed and checked my emails, but what have I actually done in ‘real life?? The problem with this goal is its something I am going to have to monitor on an hourly basis because it is such a habit to just pick up my phone and scroll through social media, occasionally check whatapp and then hop onto YouTube and go through all my subscriptions. Its insane how easy it is to do this without even giving it a second though and in the blink of an eye I’ve wasted so much time D:

The plan for now is to go one hour on my phone, one hour without using it and then gradually increase it to two,three and four hours. As it’s my final year I really can’t afford to waste time - I do want to stay consistent with my blog but I probably won’t be as present on social media. The good thing is that its only for a few months, so it’s very achievable! Just depends on how much discipline I can muster ^_^

If you’ve set yourself some goals for the new year please leave them in the comments or feel free to link your post, I’d love to read them!

Thank-you for reading ♥