Colourpop Haul Part 2! A lot of liquid lipsticks...

how to get colourpop to the UK

Hello all, here is my second colourpop haul - FINALLY! If you missed my first one, catch up one it here, along with a guide on getting Colourpop to the U.K. This haul consists of the products that had been on my colourpop wishlist for the loooongest time, so it was super exciting to finally get it in the post, even if I was hit with customs charges this time around!

how to get colourpop to the UK

This is a larger haul than the last, with a whole bunch of liquid lipsticks and a couple of satin lips too. I also picked up several eyebrow products as I am always on the look out for an affordable pick to get my unruly brows in order. Like I've said in my first post, ordering directly from the colourpop site and using a forwarding service is well worth the money, even if you do have to be a little patient! Since getting all my goodies in the mail, I've stacked up my muji drawers and I am so smitten ^_^ I have been a little lazy with swatches in this post (and by lazy I mean there are only a couple) but please do be patient with me, it's the final week of Ramadan so I don't have a lot of time nor energy at the moment. However there will be plenty of detailed reviews for the lips and everything else, in the next couple of weeks!

colourpop sunset blvd, on the rocks, colourpop brow pencils in bangin brunette

Starting with the eyes, I purchased two more Supershock shadows, one in Sunset blvd - basically the most perfect all over the lid shade I could have ever wanted (a muted golden with a sheen finish, not too intense like the metallic ones). The other in the shade On the rocks -  a gorgeous gold/bronze mix and honestly it was inspired 100% by this video by Desi. This has to be one of my favourite tutorials of all times that I've ever watched on YouTube and I am SOO excited to be able to recreate this look soon!

The Colourpop brow pencils definitely piqued my interest because they instantly reminded me of the ABH brow wiz (reviewed here), so I purchased two shades. The first in bangin' brunette is the one I've been using for the past few weeks and I do really like the pencil formula and how quick and easy it is to draw in the shape I want, aswell as fill in sparse areas. I do regret buying the shade black'n brown a little as it is darker than the last and I am fearful of having way too bold brows! When I do end up reaching for it, I'll do a little comparison between the two. I also had to purchase one of their brow colours, which is their version of the brow pomades. The shade I purchased was bangin'brunette, I've not even touched this yet but again a little comparison between the ABH one and the freedom one will be in the works when I do.

colourpop Tootsie, Brink, Oh Snap, Rayezor, Dopey, Grunge, Get Paid and Honeydude liner

On to the lippie pencils, I purchased quite a few on a whim. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to look up swatches before this order and I only had 15 minutes on site to put whatever I wanted in my basket and checkout (which was very stressful might I add!). I totally understand why people enjoy these and from the two I've used I can say the formula is BEAUTIFUL, super creamy, glides on without an issue and lasts well on the lips too! I only wish I could have taken more time to check out swatches first so I'd have picked up shades I'd really like OR shades I don't currently own.

I also picked up two of the Creme gel liners and I will definitely be purchasing more in the future because the formula of these is amazing. They aren't kidding when they use the word 'creme', especially the shade Get Paid (a metallic rose gold) which glides on and looks BEAUTIFUL. The second one I picked was Honeydude, a nude shade which I love to use in the waterline as it really does brighten up the eyes. I have at least three of the Rimmel liners around and I enjoy them, but they don't last longer than 3/4 hours in my waterliner which is a shame and also why I wanted to try a different brand.

colourpop Tootsie, Brink, Oh Snap, Rayezor, Dopey, Grunge, Get Paid and Honeydude liner

Swatches: Tootsie, Brink, Oh Snap, Rayezor, Dopey, Grunge, Get Paid and Honeydude.

As you can see I ended up picking up quite a few of the cool toned shades, which I don't really reach for much but I do like formula as I have said!

colourpop Chi, Bianca, Beeper, Bumble, Tulle, Kae, Chilly Chili, Lumiere 2 and StingRaye ultra matte liquid lipstick swatch

And now the Liquid lipsticks - these aren't in the correct order because some of them look so similar and I very cleverly didn't write down the order (please do note the heavy sarcasm). Anyway a lot of these do dry down darker than they look in the tube, which is why starting from this weekend I'll be reviewing them in groups of threes to be as thorough as possible. The shades I've purchased in this haul are: Chi, Bianca, Beeper, Bumble, Tulle, Kae, Chilly Chili, Lumiere 2 and StingRaye. I also had 6 from before, so it's fair to say I have a pretty crazy collection at the moment heh.

colourpop Frick N' Frack, Echo Park and Littlestitious

The ultra Satin lip shades that I purchased are: Frick N' Frack, Echo Park and Littlestitious and I am really excited to try this line out as sooo many people have raved about this formula! Anyway I shall end my haul here, I hope you enjoyed the read and makeup sure you check out my post on getting colourpop to the UK to save yourself a lot of money (especially if you're paying £10 for a $6=£4 liquid lipstick!).

Have you got any of these products? Any favourites?

Thank-you for reading