May 2016 Favourites

Hello everyone, it feels so great to be writing a monthly favourites again ^_^ This month the majority of my favourites have been new purchases and there is nothing like new makeup to make me feel excited!

freedom pro studio priming water dupe smashbox priming water, blistex relief cream liquid lipstick prep

I'm going to start off with the least swoon-worthy items, but these are the products that have been helping my makeup game stay relatively strong, so they're just as important! The Freedom Priming Water (£6.00) is supposedly an exact dupe for the smashbox version, which is an unethical brand so I never had any intention of picking it up. Anyway, the freedom brand in general are known for creating cheeky dupes, I know there are mixed opinions on this but personally I think it’s great to have a brand that creates budget alternatives. I DIGRESS. This water contains a high amount of glycerin, which is also a concentrated ingredient in the much talked about Nivea post shave balm. It is the glycerin which helps the makeup stick to the skin and I find this priming water works well. I spray some on just after moisturising, let it set into the skin for 30 seconds and continue with my makeup. When I’ve finished my makeup, I spritz this over the top and my makeup lasts well.  I also love this for further dampening my beauty blender before I start blending out my concealer - it actually makes a difference to the amount of creasing under the eyes!

As I’ve mentioned now that I’m back to buying makeup, liquid lipsticks are my new best friends. However they do dry out the lips no matter how light the formula, so using the Blistex Relief Cream (£2.65) at night as a lip mask has been making all the difference. I wake up with soft plump lips and without this gem of a product, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the Liquid Lipsticks I own! It’s also one of the first products I spoke about on my blog back in 2013, which shows it has stood the test of time.

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Lipstick in Everything Nice the balm liquid lipstick in committed

Talking about Liquid Lipsticks, the two that have been floating my boat in May are offerings from Gerard Cosmetics and The Balm. I reviewed the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Lipstick in Everything Nice (£9.50) here, which is a beautiful muted orange toned nude colour. When I say orange, I mean it in the most flattering way and there is just a tiny hint. It’s also one of the only shades I like to wear alone, as most ‘nude’ shades just look a little off on me.  I won't waffle on too much as I have a whole review up already, but great shade and an awesome formula!

The most recent addition to my LL stash is The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting liquid lipstick in Committed (£13.50) which I first saw on Katy's snap months ago. This is another everyday kind of shade, although its more pink than I usually go for. It's probably the only sort of colour that I think is appropriate for work from my collection of LLs so far...and the formula is AMAZING. It has an odd cooling effect on the lips and a vanilla scent, dries down fairly quickly and lasts well throughout the day. It does fade in the inner part of the lips after eating oily food, but the fact that this formula doesn't dry my lips out much at all means it's landed a spot in my favourites.

coty airspun loose powder, kat von d shade and light palette, la girl pro conceal HD concealer in pure beige

The Coty airspun powder loose powder in translucent ($8.99) has been a firm favourite this month, as has the technique known as 'baking'. Only I don't like to leave the powder on for too long, or else it just looks a little too matte and feels a lot drier than it needs to be. I own the NARS loose powder too, however I much prefer the Coty one for baking, its affordable and does the job well. Plus it really is translucent, at first it looks a little too light but it ends up almost undetectable. There is a LOT less creasing under the eyes and the oily areas are kept under control too! Couldn't ask for a whole lot more really ^_^

The L.A Girl Pro HD Concealer in Pure Beige (£5.00) is my perfect match and I have been using it a tonne this month thanks to those pesky blemishes on my face. The formula of this concealer, as well as the extensive shade range, is what has me coming back to it time and time again!

And finally on the powder front, back to an oldie but an absolute goodie the Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette ($46.00) has been popping up all over my social media accounts because I can't stop adoring it, the love for this runs DEEP. I use every single shade, although the yellow shade is clearly the most frequently tapped into. If I only have 5 minutes to do my makeup, this palette is one of the only things I reach for because I can set, bronze, contour and eyeshadow my face in a matter of minutes.

becca champagne pop highlighter UK Topshop mohawk bronzer

YES THAT IS CHAMPAGNE POP *squeals* one of the best birthday presents I have ever received in my whole entire life (thank-you Ayesha🙊). I finally have the most coveted highlighter on this planet and it is absolutely stunning, no other highlight has been on my face since I received this beauty. The only thing I want to note is, if you have texture on your face, this does highlight them, so either go in with a light hand or wait for the 'poured'/ cream version to be released in the UK. I'm definitely planning on getting my hands on the liquid version and I'm thrilled that its permanent.

The bronzer that I have not been able to put down this month is Topshop's Mohawk (£9.00). I've had it for a while, but always opted for highend bronzers and totally overlooked this gem in my stash! It's a couple of shades deeper then my skintone, so not too red nor grey toned. Just the perfect bronzer shade which warms my complexion up beautifully! I typically do the '3' bronzer motion on the sides of my face and dust some on my nose, which gives me a lovely warmth to my face. It also blends really nicely, resulting in an actually natural look - I am smitten!

morphe M330, morphe M139, Illamasqua Ore pigment

As you may know, I've picked up quite a few Morphe eyeshadow brushes lately, however the two that have been most used are the M330 and the M139. The first M330 Blending Crease brush (£4.95) is a brilliant blending brush, for that transition shade, for merging colours together and for everything in between. Its basic but very much an essential and priced at less than a fiver, I need a couple more! The M139 Tapered Crease Blender Brush (£2.50)  is just as amazing, especially if you have a smaller lid space. This brush is like the little sister to the M330 and I love how its half the price too ^_^ another brush that I need to restock on, it's wonderful for the crease too!

A product I've had in my stash for a couple of years now, which I always whip out for every special occasion is the Illamasqua pigment in 'Ore' (£17.00). It is very hard to describe but I'll have a go...a bronzy/gold with flecks of silver and a tiny hint of khaki. Google the shade and you'll hopefully see what I mean from the swatches available online. Anyway I adore this pigment, it's very versatile depending on what colour base you apply underneath and how you apply it too. For my 21st birthday I did a smokey eye, with this packed all over the lid and I was obsessed with how it turned out. It's a pricy little investment, but so worth it for how it adds a gorgeous touch to my eye makeup.

Those are all my favourites of May! Have you tried any of these products?

Thank-you for reading