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kiko haul

Hello everyone, back again with another haul and this time its from KIKO! This is a combination of online and...much to my delight in store too because I finally have a local store yaaaaaaay. I love online shopping more than the average person, but theres just something ever so delightful about being able to swatch makeup products yourself, see the colours and feel the formulas y'know?! I could have spent another half an hour in the store, but my younger sister and little cousin were shooting me the most bored side eyes so I had to hurry it up a little bit haha. Right onto the haul (and be prepared for a large amount of khaki hehehe).

kiko soft light powder 02

One thing I like about the Kiko website is that they always seem to have something on sale when you go online. So I decided to purchase the Soft Light powder in 02 which was only £3.50, reduced from £11.90! This shade looked quite yellow and brightening from the few online photos I had found and thats always what I look for in a powder.  I was also drawn to the fact that it is a 'Mineral powder formulated with 90% ingredients of natural origin.' So far so good, its very soft on the skin and doesn't look cakey in the slightest. I've yet to use it under the eyes properly but I'll report back soon.

kiko rebel bouncy blush in velvety peach

Another product that I got for a bargain price is the Kiko rebel bouncy blush in 01 velvety peach, which only cost me £4.90 rather than the original £9.90 price. This blush is from the rebel romantic collection and I adore the packaging, it is in this cute little compact size with a great mirror and that rose gold packaging? YESSSS PLEASE. In terms of shade, as beautiful as it appears in the pan on my skintone it doesn't show up as strong as I had hoped. I was expecting more of a pink, the way it looks like in the pan, however its a light peachy colour and In order for a peach colour like this to look good on my skin, I have to layer it up quite a lot which does put me off a little. Despite this it looks stunning with a more dramatic eye so I will be keeping it in my collection as I don't have a lot of 'nude' blush shades.

kiko eyeshadow khaki 11, kiko water eyeshadow in 209 olive green, kiko intense colour long lasting eyeliner in 10

Moving on to the eyes, here you will see my love for khaki escalate, I was smitten with their vast collection of one of my favourite colours! Having said that, the Kiko eyeshadow in 116 pearly forest green £2.90 £1.40 did kind of disappoint me a little. It's one of the shadows I purchased in store because I adored the colour, however its too sheer when swatched or applied on the lids and for the colour to really show up well it takes a lot of packing on. I suppose its a nice enough shade for washing all over the lid with a bronzer all over the crease, and yes it is a bargain price but I just wish it would pack a bit more punch. The second eyeshadow I purchased is another of those beautiful water eyeshadow in 209 Olive Green £8.90 £4.40, which is from the same range as that famous 208 shadow which is a dupe for a lot of high end highlighters. The shade olive green is deeper and quite a lot more pigmented than the first eyeshadow, I've yet to use it wet but just used dry I am so smitten! Its a gorgeous shade and paired with a golden colour = a match made in heaven.

Moving on to the pencils in this haul, I purchased the Kiko intense colour long lasting eyeliner in 10 £5.20 £3.60 and I adore this formula when swatched. It is creamy, pigmented without any effort and glides on like a dream. Unfortunately the first time I used this in my waterline it didn't last a very long time, so the best way that I have found to wear this on my lower lashline, is to really smudge it rather than just line the waterline. It works so beautifully on the lid, especially as a more subtle winged liner so I'm very glad to have it in my stash. Also side note, not a fan of the 'smudger' on the other end at all. It doesn't do much and is too firm to use on the delicate undereye area.

I also purchased one more of the Kiko long lasting stick eyeshadows in 07 £6.90 £3.40, which was an online purchase. It is described as a golden beige, but I disagree with this. It's more of a silverish taupe shade and it has a very metallic like finish. I've yet to use this all over the lid, but I can't hep but be a little disappointed as I was hoping for more of a golden colour. At least it's a sale bargain though!

kiko eyebrow fibres coloured mascara in 05, kiko natural concealer in 06, kiko creamy lipliner in 303

And finally we have the miscellaneous items, with the first being the Kiko eyebrow fibres coloured mascara in 05 (which is only on sale for the lighter shades). I've only used this once and didn't notice any type of fibres, but I'm not passing judgement on this stuff yet. Kiko lipliners get a lot of hype and I do have a few in my collection, but I've just not been wowed by them. When I saw this gold range in store however, I was instantly drawn to it and before long I was swatching to my hearts content. I definitely feel like these have been inspired by the Charlotte Tilbury lipcheats and I am not complaining, look at that beautiful pencil! I purchased the creamy colour comfort lip liner in 303 £5.90. BEAUTIFUL, they aren't lying when they use the word creamy, it glides onto the lips and it super pigmented. My only criticism of this range is the lack of beautiful neutral shades. The only light ones were just too light, so please kiko expand the colours! Because of this I went for a shade I knew I was lacking, a brighter pink shade which adds a good amount of definition and brightening up!

Finally a bit of a risk the Kiko natural concealer in 06 £5.50, I went for this colour because in store it looked like a great orange corrector colour. I've used it a few times and I have to say I like it, though its a little deeper than I would have liked. BUT the formula is great, it's thin enough to handle concealer over the top, yet opaque enough to correct darkness. Again a report shall be coming your way in a few weeks.

kiko eyebrow fibres coloured mascara in 05, kiko natural concealer in 06, kiko creamy lipliner in 303

Swatches: lipliner 303, concealer 06, bouncy blush 01, stick eyeshadow 07, eyeshadow 116 heavily swatched, eyeliner in 10 and water shadow in 209.

And that concludes my Kiko haul! They do have a gorgeous golden collection out at the moment and theres a really great sale online too, with most of the items I picked up in this haul being in that sale!

Have you picked up anything from Kiko recently?

Thank-you for reading