Why Mascara Is Not My Friend

I seldom speak of mascara on here. It’s been mentioned in a favourites once and I didn’t include them in my starting over tag or my yearly favourites either. Mascara and I just are not friends and here is why...

1. Smudging
I have dark circles, so when mascara smudges, even when I’ve concealed my undereyes it makes the area look dark and just gives me a tired appearance.

2. Removal
One of the main reasons why mascara and me don’t get on is that the removal process is an absolute pain! My favourite happens to be Benefit’s They’re Real which works well on my lashes but boy oh boy do I pay when it comes to tryna get the stuff off. I ALWAYS have two panda eye days after I’ve worn mascara because that stuff is stubborn and I’ve almost given up fighting with it. Too much hassle!

3. Praying/Wudu
As a Muslim I try to pray 5 times a day and before we pray we do wudu which is basically washing of the hands, face, feet, arms etc. With the rest of my makeup it doesn’t matter if I get water on it, but MASCARA? NO NO NO. I leave the bathroom eyes streaming with black tracks running down my face. Uh. The drama and the nuisance.

4. Lack of lashes
This is a bit of a throwback story but when I was in secondary school I used to wear mascara and eyeliner quite a bit. However I had no idea how to properly remove the stuff (I guess I still haven’t figured that out 4 years later..) and on multiple occasions my makeup removing wipe would have lashes on it *winces*. At the time I thought nothing of it, surely having a couple of lashes come off is normal right???? No young Iqra, it is not. Although my sister insists I still have long lashes I feel like I damaged them a fair bit so now I reserve mascara for special occasions and try to preserve my lashes as much as I can!

5. Spider Lashes
I always see youtubers add layers and layers, but when I do they just look worse than before??

6. Mascara splodges on perfect eyeshadow
There are few things out there that can anger me and make me want to cry more than spending a good 10-15 minutes or so on following a YT video and working so hard to get it done right, for it to just be spoilt by a splodge of mascara, and when you go to remove it, all your hard work is smudged and URGH....no thankyou.

They’re the main reasons why I normally skip on mascara, but after reading some outstanding reviews on the Clarins eye makeup remover, this could possibly be a think of the past! Or at least a reason why my mascaras will be used more than once in a blue moon.

Thank-you for reading ♥