2017 Beauty Favourites - highend and drugstore

Hell everyone, not to do things by halves, this year I filmed TWO loooong videos talking you through the best of the best, from my makeup collection! I wanted to do two versions, cause I genuinely love both sides of the spectrum. Unfortunately youtube didn't let me save the products and links to reviews under the drugstore video, so all that information can be found below.

High-end favourites:

Products mentioned: Going out foundation: http://fave.co/1XulMHd 📝review - http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/201... Everyday foundation: http://fave.co/1Ntktrp 📝review - http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/201... Concealer: http://fave.co/2A0wodH 📝review - http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/201... Powder: http://fave.co/2jnIQfD Brow product: http://fave.co/2BOEyJa 📝review - http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/201... ABH shadows : http://fave.co/2C4R9s3 MUG shadows : http://fave.co/2C4ETI7 Single shadow series : http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/sea... ABH Palette : http://fave.co/2Ca5rHE Tarte Palette: http://fave.co/2C53xbz Gel liner: http://fave.co/2fqP7Jk Bronzer: http://fave.co/2zEfTUs Cream bronzer: http://fave.co/2C7oSB2 NARS Blushers: http://fave.co/2BD0ns1 NARS Face palette: http://fave.co/2C7ohiJ 📝reviews of my faves - http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/sea... Wonder glow: http://fave.co/2C6OrC7 ABH glow kits: http://fave.co/2BAngMK 📝review - http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/201... ABH So Hollywood: http://fave.co/2C51swh Fenty Highlight: http://fave.co/2glDQal 📝review - http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/201... Lipliner: http://fave.co/2C9Nc5m 📝review - http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/201... The Balm Meet Matte -http://fave.co/21b9OF4 (committed) KVD Liquid lipsticks - http://fave.co/2dH8eJ9 (lolita, lolita 2, double dare, bow n arrow) Gerard Cosmetics - http://fave.co/2BySL9L (1995 and everything nice) ABH liquid lipsticks - http://fave.co/2C7bP2l (Ashton, stripped and crush) NARS Pure Matte lipstick - http://fave.co/2C7Uarq (tonkin) Stila liquid glitters - http://fave.co/2BAYr37 Beautyblender - http://fave.co/2B1rY5Z

Drugstore/highstreet favourites:

☀️The drugstore/highstreet favourites: 

💞Foundation - wet’n’wild photo focus in golden beige $6! : http://fave.co/2ClfmdR (this is the site I have been using for years and as long as your order is below £15, you won’t be hit with customs.)

💞UK foundation - nip & fab foundation £12.95: http://fave.co/2joxNCP

💞 Special occasion foundation - Mehron H.D £11.95: http://fave.co/2ClhgLx 

💞 Corrector - soap and glory kick ass concealer in medium £10: http://fave.co/2fYV8Kn 

💞 Concealer - LA girl pro conceal in creamy beige £5: http://fave.co/2C2GeM2 

💞 Wet’n’wild contour duo in caramel toffe £5.99: http://fave.co/2ClPChp 

💞 Topshop bronzer in Mohawk £9.00: http://fave.co/2hofOOa 

💞 Sleek blush by 3 in sugar £10: http://fave.co/2CrzcEl

                 📝 review: http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/search?q=sleek+blush+by+3

💞 Sleek blush in suede £5: http://fave.co/2C0o5yv 

💞 Rimmel lasting finish blush (on sale atm!) £2.75: http://fave.co/2ClinLd 

💞 Nip & Fab liquid gold highlighter in rose gold £12.95: http://fave.co/2C1pQeZ 

💞 Lashes - these are some of my FAVE from eBay and aliexpress😍
  1. pack of three - £1.65: http://fave.co/2lZqEJl
  2. Faux mink lashes $2.33 each! And soo many amazing styles to choose from: http://fave.co/2C0mxom 
  3. 99p - love these but they do need curling: http://fave.co/2BZRDfz 

💞 Zoeva cocoa blend eyeshadow £18: http://fave.co/2CqfQzd 

💞 Certifeye tropical wonders palette £30: http://fave.co/2izUgMQ 

💞 Topshop magic liner £6.50: http://fave.co/1HEULyZ 

💞 collection extreme felt tip liner £2.99: http://fave.co/2CqTYnc 

💞 Essence mascaras £2-£3.30: http://fave.co/2C23GZW 

                 📝 review: http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/search?q=essence+mascara

💞 Sleek precision liquid eye colour £6.99: http://fave.co/2CmO4DU 

💞 Freedom makeup duo eyebrow powder £2.60: http://fave.co/2CqpKB2 

💞 Essence make me brow £2.50: http://fave.co/2rNHDBr  

💞 Kiko eyebrow fibers mascara £7.20: http://fave.co/2Cqvk6e 

💞 Colurpop brow pencils in banging brunette, dope taupe and blacknbrown $5: http://fave.co/2CqwjTY 

💞 Topshop glow highlighter in gleam £9: http://fave.co/1NfCz0O 

💞Topshop highlighter in horizon and sunbeam £12: http://fave.co/2bpi6HN 

💞 Rimmel 1000 kisses lip pencil in tiramisu and spice £2.99: http://fave.co/2BnMgXu 

💞 Jordana easy liner in tawny £4: http://fave.co/2C0TIb3 

💞 Primark setting powder mixed with MUR banana powder £5: http://fave.co/2AZkaBw 

💞 colour pop ultra satin lips $5: http://fave.co/2ClVsPR 

                 📝 review: http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/search?q=satin+lip 

💞 colour pop ultra glossy lips $5: http://fave.co/2C0G2No 

💞 ELF Alissa Ashley gloss £7.50: http://fave.co/2AcUNfW 

💞 Ecotools sponge £7.95 (currently reduced!): http://fave.co/2C1ToZW 

I hope you enjoyed this video! 
Here is my 2016 affordable makeup starter kit, for even more top beauty faves: http://www.theblushinggiraffe.com/2016/12/makeup-starter-kit-affordable-edition.html 

Happy New Year everybody 🎇 in'sha'Allah 2018 is a better year in all ways ^_^ do keep me in your duas and you are all in mine 💞