ASOS Haul December ‘13


Hello lovelies! First of all I wanted to say a BIG thank you for all your support! I’m at 150 bloglovin followers and just over 100 Facebook likes and don’t even get me started on all the love I get from IG <3 You guys are so kind, and it means so so much to see all your support *huggles*

Ok enough of the mushy stuff, so this was a little haul I did around two weeks ago when I was up to my eyelashes in stress from assignments and exams, and ASOS kindly had a 20% of EVERYTHING sale going on. Of course I hit up the beauty section first because my philosophy with high end makeup (and actually most makeup) is if you get it in the sale, it’s a good enough deal to justify. Plus high-end makeup is more of an investment blah-de-blah I say the same things every time I talk about it, you all get my drift ^.^

I also really thought about what I NEED (something I’m trying to do a lot more!!) SO ON TO THE HAUL:
asos revolution ankle boots

Although I have already picked up some black boots this year (link here) which I DO like, I wanted some more that were a little more edgy, and hopefully more comfortable. Like I’ve mentioned before I am already pretty tall (5’6.5) so I don’t love to wear heels..but when I saw these ASOS Revolution Ankle Boots I just couldn’t say no to the 20% off. They are £35 at full price, and I figured if I didn’t like them I could always return them for free.


The heel is 5cm, and it’s more of a wedge then a ‘heel’ so they are SOO comfortable to wear. To the point where I can actually run in these without wanting to chop my feet off. They are the most practical boots I’ve owned, I love how they look great with max skirts, and all types of jeans. I picked up another pair of boots because in England, we have cold weather until April time, and even then it’s pretty chilly, so boots aren’t a 2/3 month thing only, they’re pretty versatile! The Revolution ankle boots are edgy yet still smart. I really like how they make my feet look smaller than they actually are, and how I can tighten them up around the ankle, something which is a lot harder to achieve with the New Look boots. The wedge part is made out of some sort of foamy material, I’m not sure how clear that is in the middle photo, but I have to admit I was pretty dubious when I saw them at first. However this material makes them spongy and comfy. It’s a mix between military, chique and casual and although they won’t be everyone’s cuppa tea I have fallen in love!

NARS blusher in Coeur Battant
Next up was the purchase I was (and am) most excited about, the NARS Guy Bourdin Blush in the shade Coeur Battant.NARS blusher in Coeur BattantNARS blusher in Coeur Battant

I couldn’t justify picking up the 6 blush/bronzer palette because it came up to nearly £50 which actually is a bargain considering each NARS blusher is around £21, but none of those shades STOOD out to me, and so I didn’t rush online to order it. (Lets not forget that I'm a student so spending nearly half a hundred quid on blushers when I already have a small and growing collection was totally unjustified ._.) 

Coeur Battant however is something special, limited edition and pigmented like you wouldn't believe it is a blue-toned magenta colour which is so unique, yet so flattering on my medium skin tone. It would look fabulous on darker skin tones too, however the paler gals would need to go with a VERY light hand when applying this. Much to my irritation the camera just wouldn’t pick up the true shade of this, however if anyone wants a more in-depth review then I will try again in the early hours of the morning to captur it’s beauty! The packaging of the box is very ‘louboutin-esque’ and I was slightly disappointed that the actual packaging of the blusher wasn’t similar haha

NARS blusher in Coeur BattantNARS blusher in Coeur Battant

It actually has more of a purple/blue hue to it than the camera has captured and NARS are the high-end equivalent of Sleek, so although it looks frightening in the pan, on the cheeks it’s a different story. I adore this blush so much, and 20% was just the perfect excuse to treat myself to a Limited Edition piece! I know this is sold out on ASOS, but I’m sure it’s available at NARS counters so do have a swatch and see this for yourself ^_^


I was on the hunt for a new purse, seeing as my old one from Primark (which has served me well might I add) was finally beginning to look a little battered. I went for another ASOS own brand and picked up this cute envelope style.


I ADORE the gold detailing on this, and how soft the material is! It’s also a lot lighter than my old one, which does help when you're commuting several times a week. I don’t like overly blinged out purses/bags so this simple style, with a tiny bit of special to it was perfect! It costs £10, but I got it for £8 and hopefully this’ll last me as long as my old one did. Inside there are 12 card spaces, and I find all my cards fit in fine. The change pocket thing is a LITTLE bit smaller and trickier to use than I would have liked, but it does that job and stops me cramming a bunch of receipts, vouchers and other paper that I probably won’t look at again!

Cath Kidston Mirror

Last of all we have the cutest little mirror ever. Cath Kidston is known for her feminine prints, but this has got to be my absolute favourite of them all. It costs £3, and I really needed a small compact mirror for my makeup bag, but unfortunately I dropped this when taking a photo and it now has two cracks in it! What bad luck. It really should have been sturdier, or at least have had a cover so I can’t say I recommend this…still useable but, a big shame that its cracked.

And that concludes my haul! I saved a fair amount and love love love 3/4 of my purchases! What have you been splurging on this month?