Review | Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paints in Rich Russet & Golden Bronze

Hello! I’ve had a lovely first week off of uni, and have managed to PLAN the rest of the posts for December! *gives self a round of applause* but after this week I need to crack on with Uni reading and assignments and try to get me head around it all again.

rimmel scandeleyes shadow paints
Moving onto these two, we have a newish product from one of my favourite high-street brands ever – Rimmel can do little wrong in my eyes. I first saw these on a couple of blogs and was quite intrigued, but I only got round to picking them up during one of ASOS’s sales. By the way, just a heads up it’s worth keeping an eye out for ASOS’s random beauty sales, sometimes they spotlight on a certain brand and you can pick up some awesome stuff for like 30% off! (yes I lose my self-control)

Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Paint Rich Russet and Golden Bronze Review Swatch
Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Paint Rich Russet and Golden Bronze Review Swatch

Rimmel describe these as ‘long wearing eyeshadows and so far there are 5 shades available (A silver, gold, bronze, purple and a grey colour) costing you £4.99 each. They all have a metallic finish, but this is easy to sheer out with your finger or a brush. At first glance you could mistake them for being lip-glosses, but I personally love the packaging because they’re easy to store away!

Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Paint Rich Russet and Golden Bronze Review Swatch

The applicator is a doe-foot style but elongated and its super easy to apply on all eye shapes. If you have smaller lids, it’ll put the product exactly where you need it!

Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Paint Rich Russet and Golden Bronze Review Swatch

Creamy in formula and rich in pigment, Rimmel have made these foolproof to use. They do dry pretty quickly, so once I’ve swiped them onto my lids I like to blend them in with my fingers and then usually add a slightly darker eyeshadow to the crease and I’m good to go! When applied they feel pretty wet and thick, but at the same time oddly cooling (which I enjoy in the morning!) The amount of pigment you get in one second is phenomenal, and I have to say a refreshing change to using powder eyeshadows, which do take some patience.

I can’t say I’ll be picking up the other shades anytime soon, possibly the darker grey shade as that looks quite versatile, but Rich Russet  and Golden Bronze both seemed like perfectly wearable colours and they really have met my expectations.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Paint Rich Russet and Golden Bronze Review Swatch

Starting with my favourite shade Rich Russet its a beautiful taupe colour with a metallic finish and brown undertones. I love how this colour will compliment almost all eye colours, and it’s such an easy one to pop on the lids, add a bit of mascara/liner and you’re good to go! Who doesn’t love those ‘only-got-five-minutes-to-get-ready-so-I'll-grab-this-real-quick’ kinda products?! When I was swatching this on the back of my hand, it dawned on me that this is strikingly similar to Maybelline's colour tattoo in ‘on-and-on-bronze’ (reviewed here) and I decided to do a mini test on my hand and keep both swatches on side-by-side whilst washing my face and cleansing etc. and they both held on for an impressive amount of time! The colour tattoo did last that little bit longer a few hours later, but that's because it claims to last for 24hours, whereas these shadow paints give a realistic claim of 8 hours which they manage perfectly. Similarly to it’s half-sister on-and-on-bronze this shade also manages to create a effortless basic smoky eye, looking slightly darker in the crease and I have to say I have LOVED popping this on and being able to sheer it out enough so that it is suitable for work but still a little more interesting than a basic shadow.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Paint Rich Russet and Golden Bronze Review Swatch

Moving onto Golden Bronze, this colour is also very beautiful, a much nicer gold than Maybelline's ‘eternal gold’ (also reviewed) as it has warmer undertones thus is more wearable. I’ve been playing around with this shade for the last two days and I’ve found it works beautifully as a base if you apply the other eyeshadows within a few minutes of putting this on. Due to it’s consistency and how it dries, if you leave this to set and come back to doing your eyeshadows later on chances are you’ll have to spend a lot more time blending, so yes these do work as bases but you gotta be quick to blend! On my IG I’ve posted some pictures of one eye with just this all over the lid and a slightly darker colour in the crease, and the other eye with shadow ontop (so using golden bronze as a base). The picture quality is rubbish but I THINK it’s just about noticeable and you can see the difference!

Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Paint Rich Russet and Golden Bronze Review Swatch

As you can see, the more you blend out Rich Russet the more the brown colour comes through which I love. They dry fast and last for hours upon end, and following in the footsteps of the much loved colour tattoo, I think this little number from Rimmel is just as good! I’d love to see some new shades in 2014, like a richer brown shade and a champagne would be just wonderful. They’re the lazy girl’s bestfriend, taking a mere few seconds to apply and giving you a unique blend of colour on the lid – beautiful! And best of all the lasting power of these means 2 big thumbs up from me ^_^

Final Verdict:
Product rating: 8.5
Pros: Very pigmented, can be used sheer or full on, saves a lot of time, easy to use when short of time, lasts all day, adds dimension to any eye look, feels cooling on the lids and is pretty much foolproof!
Cons: Can be tricky to work with if you don’t blend straightaway, not enough shades (yet)
Repurchase? When they bring the new shades out (I hope) I shall be heading straight to boots!

Have you tried the shadow paints yet? What do you think of them? :)