Sweater Weather Tag (and a little update)

sweater weather tag

I was tagged by the lovely Rima from life in a perfume bottle (WHAT A CUTE NAME! do check out her blog, she’s a very new blogger and has possibly the cutest yet chicest background, ever oh la la) 

Before I get started though, I just wanted to let you guys know that my schedule for the this month is CRAZY! I have a bunch of assignments due and my first university exam, which I’m dreading D: So I’ve typed up a few drafts of some posts and will probably schedule them to post over the next two weeks until the xmas holidays (which seem so very far away! boo, hiss, grrr) I’ll have a gazillion blog posts to catch-up on, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?

Also homewise, we are having an extension at the moment, which is very exciting but also means that we have A LOT going on, I’m moving rooms and just in general when I’m not at Uni/Work I’ll be alot more busy with household things, so yes..do bear with me^_^

the blushing giraffe

so basically they were going to knock down this wall the next day, so we were all allowed to DRAW ON THE WALLS hahaha, I thought my blog should have it’s chance to say bye too..and there is a giraffe/camel/horse thing, which is evidence that I didn’t draw the ACTUAL blushing giraffe in the header of my blog, because the above is what happened when I attempted it ._.


also in case you can’t read my rushed handwriting I wrote to the clock ‘Thanks for being 5 minutes fast so we were always only a bit late’ because my family (or me basically) are all notoriously great at being late (but yeah we’re keeping the clock..I just got carried away with my goodbyes)


here are some photos to remind you that it’s autumn;
ok now that we’re in autumn mood, lets get on with it ^.^

Q1: Favourite Candle scent?
Anything sweet, and I'm talking cup-cake/vanilla/S&G kinda sweet. (WHY HAVEN’T S&G MADE A CANDLE ZMKDSFNJ IT’D BE A SELL OUT!) oh and I absolutely despise  spice scented candles, they literally send shudders down my spine!

Q2: Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?
I’m actually a lover of all of those ._. For Coffee I love a caramel or gingerbread latte from Costa. Traditional PG tips for tea is my ultimate favourite, but it has to be made right! So brewed for at least two minutes and mixed with 2 teaspoons of sugar ^_^ Hot chocolate isn’t my absolute favourite, but I do adore white hot-chocolate and Costa’s version is the perfect little treat!

Q3:What’s the best fall memory you have?
Probably when I was in year 4 and every year we’d sing the conkers song at school (conkers! we’re collecting conkers!) and then I’d walk home and pick up as many as I could haha, ok that’s not that great..but just being a kid in general, that’s the best memory. I also love autumn for its new beginnings, so I’m going to have to say meeting my best-friend some 8 years ago now in the autumn time! That’s a favourite for sure :)
Q4: Which makeup trend do you prefer: winged eye liner or dark lips?

WINGED EYELINER!! But that’s my go-to regardless of the season/trend. I do however enjoy switching up my lip colours and have a post for you guys with my faves coming very soon!

Q5: Best fall fragrance?
I’m not a massive perfume person, mainly because of my inability to detect a scent most of the time! However I do love my Burberry London perfume! The name, the packaging and the more mature yet warm scent are all brilliant for this time of the year.

Q6: Favourite Thanksgiving Food?
Well we don’t celebrate thanksgiving in the UK (surely thanksgiving should be EVERYDAY?) but the idea of it is nice. And because I don’t know much about it, I’ll just say my favourite food for this time of the year is the more heavier foods such as parateh (Asian food) and I do like soups and chicken and …..what have I even made this question into?! I love all food throughout the whole year. Silly question for a UK blogger haha

Q7: What is Autumn Weather like where you live?
Chilly, coats gloves and scarves kind of weather. I like that it’s breezy in the autumn time, and personally I much prefer being cold to being hot, so I try not to complain about the weather (different story during hot humid British summers summer days though!)

Q8: Most worn Sweater?
Probably my fluffy red one from Primark! They have it in a few different colours and I’m really tempted to go back and pick up some different ones in larger sizes, as it’s the softest and cosiest jumper I have worn in my life. Also anyone I’m with always wants to stroke it!

Q9: Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

Q10: Skinny jeans or leggings?
I suppose I’d have to say leggings under my long skirts, because I’m not a skinny jean wearer really. If anything it would be my boyfriend jeans from ASOS that get the most amount of loving ^_^ (link here)

Q11: Combat boots, or UGGS?
Ohhh combat boots! This question actually just reminded me I own a pair from 2 years ago, will have to dig them out haha

Q12: Is Pumpkin Spice worth the hype?
well..I’d tell you the answer if I knew what it tasted like..but I don’t..sowwie.

Q13: Favourite Fall TV Show?
Meh, not a TV person (but I'm an iplayer/itv/YT person harharhar) That being said, I don’t watch X-factor anymore, and that was pretty much the only ‘season’ type of programme I used to watch.

Q14: What songs gets you into the fall spirit?
Fall spirit? o_0 I’m not sure to be honest guys, I guess it’s more the xmas adverts that I see, even though I don’t celebrate the festival itself, some of them are super cute! That little kid who says ‘I went to sleep…and now its kwismas day!’ gaaaaah so adorable!


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