boots haul!

Hello ^.^  These are the goodies I picked up at the latest boots point event, which was basically when you spend £50 you get £12 back in boots points. I think I’ve spent more money in the past two weeks than I have for the past 4 months in terms of makeup/skincare/otherstuff but December and January are the two months in the year where you can spend that hard earned money, on things you’ve wanted for a while, and still save money! 

I first headed towards the Soap and Glory stand, because there was a 3for2 on this, so that seemed like the perfect double deal! I decided to pick up two things that I've never tried and then one that I keep going back too. 


1. Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion (500ml) - £10 - link
I've previously tried the butter stuff, in the small travel size and I enjoyed it a lot! However it was a little bit TOO thick for when you wanted to quickly moisturise after a shower. I’m not the most patient or organised of people so the quicker and more thoroughly this is done the better. I went for this lotion, and so far I’m enjoying it – let me know if you’d like a review :)

2. Clean On Me Shower Gel (500ml) - £6 - link
I’ve heard 101 good things about this, and quite frankly couldn’t wait to try it! I also think that the price tag is a bargain, for a s&g product that is 500ml! I’ve only used it once so far, and although it says ‘built-in-body lotion’ because it’s winter time, I found that I still needed to use a lotion of some sort, but it made my shower smell amaaaazing! I just adore the scent and looking forwards to using it every time I shower!

3. Hand Food Handcream (250ml) - £7 - link
This is the stuff I’ve tried before and loved! I bought the handy travel sized version, but seeing as I already have a handcream for my bag and I knew I love this stuff, I picked up this bottle. It is a little pricier than the larger shower-gel, but the smaller version of this (in a bigger travel sized bottle) was only 125ml for £5 so I figured this was just better value! What really drew me to these three was the pumps – little things like this that make life that tiny bit easier, makeh meh happeh!


I spent the majority of the money on body and skincare (slightly to my surprise) but mainly because I knew what I needed and what I wanted. Plus on the makeup front, I have more than enough to keep me going and a huge list of things to review for you guys, so here is where me mullah went!

4. Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm (65ml) - £8.99   - link
At the Smoky not smudgy event this year, I had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous Amelia Liana, who is a YouTube and Beauty Blogger. She was doing a skincare workshop, and the money for the tickets all went to charity – so all round a winner! We all picked up a few tips and tricks, and the best products out there, but many of them were high-end and I’m talking £40-£50 a bottle, which frankly some students just do not have to splash out on a cream! This was one of the cleansers she recommended though, and although I’ve not heard a huge amount on the the Botanics range at boots, what I have heard has been all good stuff so I thought I’d pick it up. After trying out Superdrugs’ version of a HCC (review here) I have high hopes for this one, and I’ll be reporting back to you all.

5. Super Facialist by Una Brennan Tea Flower Deep Clean Pore Purifying Clay Mask (125ml) - £8.99 link
This is quite well known on the blogosphere, although I only became interested in reading into it after watching Essiebutton’s top skin mask videos. Hearing her recommend this drugstore version made me whip out my phone and type the name into a note for future reference, and now I am the proud owner of this mask. I’ve used it once and I have LOVED it! But I’m going to use it for a couple more weeks before I officially declare my love for this (and give it it’s own honourable post)

6. Oilatum natural repair face cream (50ml) - £7.65  - link
This is actually a repurchase! And I feel a full review coming along soon, so I won’t say much except ITS A HG FOR ME. Ohhhh yeah.


*clears throat* ahem..I know I said earlier that I didn’t really buy makeup..but in order to spend the full 50 I had to buy SOME, and besides they were also essentials (kind of) Moe to the point I’m 98% sure the boots I went into still had its 3for2 sign over the MAKEUP and not just the bodycare, so I picked up the nail polish thinking it’d be free…alas it was not..ahh well ._.

7. Collection Lasting Perfection Medium 3 - £4.19 - link
I don’t know where I’d be without this stuff, it’s the perfect concealer for under my eyes (after a corrector) and it covers blemishes effortlessly, though I do prefer to use something lighter for those. If you have acne scars, this will cover them up NO PROBS! Without a doubt my most repurchased product ever.


8. Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow paint - Rich Russet - £4.99  - link
I had previously bought Golden Bronze (swatch here) and although they’re a little trickier to work with than the colour tattoos, I fell in love. Rimmel is one of my favourite drugstore brands, and I’m rarely disappointed with what I do buy from them, so I had to pick up another colour. This is probably a more neutral and wearable colour for the everyday and should hopefully be a help not a hindrance when you’re strapped for time!

9. Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Gel Effect Nail Paint - Blackberry - £3.99  - link
Ok so here’s the polish that should have been free *gets the violins out* (just kidding) I picked this up in the hope that it would be a BETTER dupe for a polish from e.l.f (skinny genes). I am so in love with that colour but the formula is pants, so I was hoping this would be a close match, though upon inspection it looks quite a bit darker…but nonetheless I’m sure it’ll be a lovely polish. I’ve only got one other high-shine polish, so I’m excited to play around with these!

I also picked up a semi-electric toothbrush, y’know that ones that don’t need charging but they vibrate and have a non-removable battery? I didn’t think you guys would be excited to see it, but I’m pretty chuffed because I’ve never bothered with electric toothbrushes (they’re such a faff) and this one is basically electric but no fiddling about with charger – just a button!

And there you have my haul! I now have a nice bit of extra monies on my advantage card which I plan to take with me for the January sales….what bargainlicious things have you picked up so far this season?