Review | Sleek Blush – Flamingo

sleek blush flamingo review

Hi lovelies! Today I’m going to be talking about one of my favourite blushers ever –> Flamingo
sleek blush flamingo reviewsleek blush flamingo reviewsleek blush flamingo reviewsleek blush flamingo review

Before I get into the review, I just wanted to say a huge well done to those of you who’ve got into Uni today! I got my first choice and my grades surprised me ^_^ glad to know I’ll be doing a course I know is right for me!

Anyways Sleek is one of my favourite makeup brands hands down. It continuously delivers in good quality, highly pigmented cosmetics which suit a range of skin tone all at a very reasonable price. They’re the only high-street makeup brand with 30 shades of foundation! Sleek really does tick all the boxes. I only own two of their blushers, but I do own a few eyeshadow palettes, the brow kit and the face form kit (contour kit)

sleek blush flamingo review

For some reason my camera didn’t quite pick up the vividness of the blush in the pan. On my finger and in the picture below is a more accurate colour match, but basically at a first glance this blush looks pretty intimidating. Its a bright in-ya-face pink, almost florescent but not quite that highlighter shade and something I’d imagine many people would shy away from.

However when used with a light hand and a fluffy (NOT dense) brush (I love using the Real Techniques blush brush) it becomes a beautiful, natural glowing pink. The slight blue tone in the makes it a cooler blush. I do tend to favour peachy tones and warmer pinks, but I have loved popping this shade onto my cheeks recently to switch things up a little bit as I think it’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut and a change is as good as a rest (refreshing ^.^) The slight sheen gives such a beautiful healthy appearance! It’s not massively shimmery as such but wearing a highlighter isn’t necessary. It can of course be built up (the more you build up the stronger the pink), but you gotta be careful with the amount of pressure applied when brushing this on because it’s one of those shade that could easily make you look like a china doll who fell into a tub of pink paint!

sleek blush flamingo review

Price point these blushers cost £4.49. UNDER A FIVER – WINNING! Sleek also have the blush-by-3s which are £10 each with 3 different shades pinks/red/peaches) They’re on my wish list!

sleek blush flamingo review swatchsleek blush flamingo review swatch

It has great lasting power for a drugstore brand, and the pan contains 8g which is a very decent amount, as MAC blushes only contain 6g. I also love the sleek packaging, it’s small enough to fit comfortably into your makeup bag, and it’s shape means it’s easy to stack up together with its brothers and sisters unlike SOME brand’s packaging (I'm looking at you elf studio blushers). It also has a generously sized mirror in the pan, again increasing it’s usefulness to pop into the handbag. The two swatches above show the blush in different lights. On the left is the colour close up to a window with bright sunlight shining directly at it, and on the right in warmer lighting. Either way it’s a very pretty colour that’s fast become one of my favourites.

I’m so glad I was feeling daring and picked this up, it’s a total winner. It’s also made me more interested in looking at the other brighter or unusual blusher shades in the collection, because they usually appear completely different on the skin than in the pan!

Fantastic pigmentation
Very affordable price for the quality
decent lasting power
Good amount in the pan
Sleek packaging (tehe)
Will suit all skin tones
Great sized mirror
can look a little cray if over applied
What’s your favourite blusher and shade?