New Nail Polish Storage!

nail polish storage
Hey ladies!
I have had a very busy week, and probably won’t have much time over the next few weeks to post :( however I will do what I can when I have a spare moment, and today I was excited to show you my new nail polish storage!
If you follow me on instagram or have liked my page on facebook, you will know that I adore me some acrylic storage! I have been asked to do a makeup collection post, and that could be coming your way towards the end of May/June but for now meet my latest piece :)

This was bought from e-bay, for under a tenner and from a UK seller surprisingly! The reason why I was tempted to pick this up was because in the last two months my nail polish collection has grown drastically due to taking advantages of the Fragrance Direct Ciate gift set sales!

As you can see there are LOADS of reds, pretty much every shade you can imagine, as well as lots of other pretty ones. I thought they would look so pretty on display, and you can fit two into one slot :) Unfortunately ALL my nail polishes don’t fit on here, I could have done with an extra rack or two, but it just means I have to rotate them every now and again.

You could easily fit Essie bottles and I will check later if O.P.I bottles fit too. I love how pretty my growing Barry M collection looks on the top row! The link to buy this is here and it costs £7.49 with free delivery :) I love how you can clearly see all the shades clearly and how organised it looks next to my Muji storage too.
I hope you’re all well, and hanging in there if you’re going through the wonderful things that are exams ._.
Until next time…Thank-You for reading!

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