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Hello! Since I’ve been switching up my makeup recently, as Spring has FINALLY sprung here in the UK, I thought I’d share what I’ll be using, and what I’m liking the look of for this spring!
So nails wise, I know pastels are ALWAYS in for spring time, and I love the look of milky colours, or ‘off-white colours’. Personally I don’t think many shades suit my own skintone…especially lighter shades, but here are a few that look perfect for spring and hopefully I’ll be a bit more brave with my choices, rather than sticking to my typical dark purple shades!
topshop easy breezy ciate sugar plum ciate ferris wheel review swatch spring nail polish ciate amazing gracie mua lush lilac barry m blush moon
L-R : Ciate Amazing Gracie, MUA Lush Lilac, Barry M Blue Moon, Ciate Ferris Wheel, Ciate Sugar Plum, Topshop Easy Breezy

All of my Ciate polishes are their mini paint pots which I purchased at a discounted price from fragrance direct. I’m not sure if they are still available, but they’re worth checking out if you can get your hands on them because they’re the perfect way to try different shades from a high end nail brand, without splashing a lot of cash! Although they’re minis, the full size is available online too :)

topshop easy breezy ciate sugar plum ciate ferris wheel review swatch spring nail polish

So staring off with the more vibrant shades..

Topshop – Easy Breezy: I bought this polish YEARS ago (do polishes have an expiry date??) and because I didn’t like the way it look against my skintone I’ve hardly used the stuff which is a shame, because I was impressed to see that with one coat this was almost fully opaque! I will be braver and use easy breezy this spring because its a gorgeous light teal shade, which matches a few silver rings that I own.

Ciate Sugar Plum: A beautiful cross between a lilac and a purple, this is where my comfort zone is at. I’m not sure why but I am drawn to purples polishes – and this is no exception. I love how its slightly muted tone means it’s really spring appropriate (not too bright like summer shades seems to be)

Ciate Ferris Wheel: The bluest on the bunch! This is a clear baby blue shade and there isn’t much else to say about it really! It has no hint of green, yellow or any other funkiness and I love how fresh this shade is despite being a light blue.

ciate amazing gracie MUA lush lilac Barry m blue moon swatch nail polish review spring

Ciate Amazing Gracie: How beautiful is this pinkish white shade?! It reminds me of a well loved Essie shade that is similar, but I adore this nude/neutral colour that has a hint of girliness about it. I think white nails can look very classy, but sometimes a little TOO stark? This however is a beautiful mix of pink and white, and a full sized bottle will be replacing the mini once I’m all out!

MUA Lush Lilac: Another beautiful shade, a lot more muted than Sugar Plum, I really like the way this can look lilac in some lights and pink in others! For £1 MUA allow you to experiment with all sorts of colours (I know they’ve just released a new batch) and I have my eye on some more of these lighter shades because they have got the colour so right!

Barry M Blue Moon: I left Ciate’s swatch on there (far right) to show you that these could almost be mistaken for a dupe! However up close blue moon has a ever so slight undertone of green, making the shade a washed out blue, leaning on the teal spectrum of colours. That sounded a lot fancier than it was supposed too, but basically, though blue moon is not as true of a blue as Ferris Wheel, I love the more washed out colour it is, and will probably be pairing this with some silver jewellery!


Which shade is your favourite? ^_^

Thanks for reading!
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