March Favourites

march favourites the blushing giraffe

Hello Lovely People!

I don’t feel like a tonne of products have stood out to me over March because as explained in the March Update its been quite a hectic month, and a rollercoaster without a doubt. However I do want to share with you the things that did stand out to me ^_^


This month quite a few of my faves have been brushes! This is because I attended two weddings, and as it had been a while since I’d been to a wedding I spent any spare time practising! Bearing in mind I didn’t have a whole heap of time, when I was able to hit the YouTube, I’ve gotta say these three have just stood out to me enormously.


Two of them are from the E.L.F studio line, and honestly ladies if you’re on a budget or not, there are brushes from this line that NEED to be in your collection. I am definitely going to a TOP E.L.F Brushes post soon because when bought with one of their amazing sales you are getting a bargain and a half! Anyway the first one is the stipple brush, its light, fluffy and blends makeup like a dream.  I wouldn’t ever apply my base makeup with this because it isn’t anywhere near dense enough, however when you’ve been a little heavy handed with the blusher or highlighter, turn to this thing because in a couple of seconds it will have have sorted out the clown cheeks. Especially with sleek blushes, I ADORE them but core do they pack a punch! Next a slightly newer brush from the e.l.f studio line collection and fast becoming one of my favourites its the flawless concealer brush. I mean the name says it all, I need to say no more ladies, this blends concealer in BEAUTIFULLY. I will be buying one ore two backups for that I think!

Finally its one of the brushes from that super cheap eBay set that I reviewed HERE I’ve been enjoying all of them for blending, but this one was been a dream to work with when applying cream contour. I made a insta video demonstrating it and although the lighting is horrendous, you can see have fabulously it blends product in. I’m amazed that not a single one of those brushes have shedded, and a backup set will probably be purchased soon in the future!

This month I fell head over heels for Benefit’s erase paste in 3. The near perfect corrector shade, its creamy consistency yet amazing coverage just makes me wish they had a much larger shade range! I adore the stuff, and applied with the smallest brush from the RT core collection, it is flawless!


Moving onto eyes, my first ever pigment Ore by Illamasqua has been a firm favourite. Since trying it with some MAC fix+ I have been fascinated by the colour, a deep bronze with particles of gold and just the pigmentation! wow! I think I would like to invest in some neutral pigments for special occasions because I really noticed the difference between this and a standard eyeshadow!


Palettes wise Sleek’s storm and MUA’s undressed two were both getting big thumbs up from my, adore the neutrals in the MUA one (and if you’ve read my top products of 2013 you’ll know undressed one was hands down my favourite palette of the year). I don’t know how they do it, for just £4 but I am obsessed! Sleek’s palettes never do disappoint, right from my first one back when I was 16, I have quite the collection now and storm was fantastic for wedding eyes. I’ll be trying a pictorial in a few days or so of my makeup from Sunday’s wedding so keep your eye out for that!

Lastly good old hand food, I bought this back in December and its been pretty neglected for a month or two as it’s been away in storage. I’m slowly getting my new room on track and have loved applying this every time I sit down at my desk! Smells good, leaves my hands feeling pampered and I love the pump!

If you’ve done a favourites post, feel free to link it below ^_^

Thanks for reading!