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Hello! Another post in my little spring picks series, this time focusing on the cheeks! Now you may know that I have a rather large collection of check products (not quite catching up to the wonderful Vanessa, but i’m getting there!) and so I thought I’d share the ones that I’ll be reaching for most during the spring season!

For me spring makeup is all about keeping it fresh, light and as natural as possible. There are not many rules in make, so of course wear whatever shade you like whenever you like! But if you’re on the hunt for a pretty blush that has more of a spring time vibe, keep on reading..

sleek blush by 3 pink lemonade
Sleek Blush-by-3 in Pink Lemonade | £9.99

A rather recent purchase, this little blush palette has completely taken me by surprise. When I first saw the shades I was sure they would be too light for my NC30 skin tone, but I have once again judged a blush by its pan shade and been mistake, tsk. Containing two powder blushers and one cream, Pink Lemonade is your perfect spring time companion. The lightest pink shade is quite shimmery so I do skip the highlight. It is probably my least worn shade from the trio so far, but surprising I have enjoyed popping this onto the cheeks as the warmer months have approached. The silver shimmer could be a bit intense, so a light hand is best.

The darker powder colour is the most stunning cross between a hot pink and a peachy pink, with a little golden shimmer running through it as well, but more subtle than the lighter shade. I also quite like the cream blush, which is just as pigmented as it’s powdered neighbours and transfers onto the skin as a true medium pink. I know my descriptions aren’t fantastic but google is your best friend when it comes to swatches, so go search what I mean ^_^

nars blush in deep throat
NARS Deep Throat | £21.50

My first ever NARS blush, and what a beauty it is! In my humble opinion D.T should have got the fame and love that the famous Orgasm blusher received, because this is the most stunning pink shade I have ever come across. It is a lighter shade of pink, with the tiniest amount of peach mixed in, so looks gorgeous on us olive skinned ladies! Although it does have a slight shimmer running through it, it’s nothing over the top or chunky. In fact it is just enough to give you that glowing and healthy appearance, and for spring time this is a no brainer! Another thing that I love about this, is how it’s pigmentation is spot on. It’s one of those fool proof options which you can pop onto your cheeks, without worrying about being light handed and know it’ll look good, which is ALWAYS a good thing!

rimmel blush in pink rose
Rimmel Pink Rose | £3.99

Another favourite of mine, this was actually one of the first blushers I purchased some 4/5 years ago when the interest in makeup first began! Pink Rose is quite a cool toned pink, which is quite rare in my collection. The reason why I love it so much is actually because of how subtle it is. Yes we all love a good pigmented blush but sometimes those can be tough to work with! That’s why when I’m in a rush and want a nice subtle glow pink rose is the shade I reach for. No highlighter required again. This is probably the sheerest of the bunch with a strong shimmer when swatched with your hand, but on my that shimmer translates as more of a healthy sheen.

illamasqua blush in lover peach matte
Illamasqua blush in Lover | £21.50

Again another shade which I was less that impressed with upon first glace, but it took me by complete surprise when I first tried. If you’re looking for a gorgeous matte peach blusher, lover is the one for you! I love wearing this most when I am having a fairly neutral day in terms of makeup, as it adds a little bit of life but looks so subtle and elegant. It is quite a muted shade. Another plus point is you can highlight to your hearts content, due to this being matte.  A under-rated beauty in my eyes! Oh and just in case you didn’t know, Illamasqua blushers are the softest around - j’adore!

illamasqua blush in lover peach matte and rimmel blush in coral
rimmel coral powder blush 111
Rimmel Coral Powder Blush (111) | £1.50 (Fragrance Direct)

I picked this up from Fragrance direct for a few pounds, its not currently in stock but keep an eye out! I wasn’t expecting much but wanted to try a different shade of blush. Side by side I thought this could be a dupe for lover, but actually this has a warmer undertone, and hints of pink with and slight shimmer within it. Not disco-ball shimmer but very flattering tiny specks that can barely be detected once on the skin. I wear this as more of a bronzer and blusher in one, as it does have that orange/warmth of a tone. I think this would look stunning on skin tones lighter than mine, and also darker, however it can like a little muddy when applied with a heavy hand (though when I swatch it, it looks so much prettier on my hand :c ) I still really like the shade, and will try it with a stippling brush in the future, but wanted to recommend this for anyone looking for a peachy/warmer brush with a decent price ^_^

illamasqua blush in tremble
Illamasqua blush in Tremble | £21.50

A cool toned baby doll pink, which makes the most refreshing change from my usual coral or darker pink tones. I love how this shade really freshens up the makeup look, with its cooler tones surprisingly flattering my skintone (as long as I haven’t bronzed too much). Tremble is beautiful, and my perfect spring time shade. It has it all - great pigmentation, a matte finish, and a fresh look. I can highlight as much as I want, but still have pretty pink cheeks and with this shade I favour a cooler, silver toned highlight too, rather than my typical champagne tone. Although this looks scary in the pan, it looks quite the contrary on the cheeks. I have to say, if this post has taught me one thing, it is that I have judged far too many blushers by how they appear in the pan, and been shocked by how beautiful they look on the skin!

sleek illamasqua rimmel nars

And that is all! Quite a long list right there, and I will be posting swatches on the face, on my instagram  so if you’re interested in how any of these look head on over to there! I hope you enjoyed reading about the shades that are in my blush drawer - what ones will you be using this season? ^_^

Thanks for reading!
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