I am an Ethical beauty blogger now. (boycotting brands)


Hey ladies! So I mentioned in my previous post, that I’ve not really been in the mood for blogging, playing with makeup or reading about the whole beauty world in general.

Why you ask? because I stand up for innocent women and children who are being forced to live in unbearable conditions - and every single day, I wake up in the comfort of my home, and on the other side of the world the death toll in Gaza rises. I can’t believe in 3 weeks over 1100 people have been killed by the Israeli army...and three days ago it was Eid - a celebration to mark the end of fasting and STILL they bombed Palestine and killed 10 CHILDREN.

So imagine YOUR day of festivities, whether its Christmas, Hanukah, Diwali - imagine on that day, losing your brother or sister, your children, your niece or nephew to terror and violence. It makes me SO sick. and I am beyond angry with the useless world leaders, who sit back and watch the death toll rise, using the lame ‘they have a right to defend themselves’ line which is the most pathetic excuse in existence. Why? Because in the last 10 years that Israel has been “defending themselves” Gaza has killed 29 Israelis and Israel has killed over 5000 Palestinians, many of them children. Anyone who can read this, or see any of the heart breaking photos of children who have been killed, or injured so badly they are amputees for the rest of their lives, and STILL show no compassion - they’ve seriously lost their sense of humanity.

Here is a very short video from Jon Snow, of Channel 4 who is an outstanding Journalist. I respect him so much, he went out to Gaza and witnessed what was happening first hand, and STILL reported the truth, unlike the BBC.

This is not about religion. This is about standing up for innocent children and women who are murdered simply for existing. The world might turn a blind eye, but I will not.

So what has this got to do with beauty?

As a family, we have all started boycotting products that came from illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine. Last year the boycotting of grapes and dates alone lost Israel over $24 million dollars! By choosing produce from other countries, and not funding the Israeli occupation we are taking a step forwards in the right direction. However I wanted to take another step, and perhaps a whole leap forward.

Israel is heavily funded by the US and UK government who take our (tax payers) money and help to finance the genocide in Palestine. Our hard earned money already goes towards the conflict, and we have no say over that. I mean by all means sign petitions and go on marches so that the leaders of these corrupt governments change their ways! But ladies, let me tell you something we DO have control over  - the makeup products that we buy.

There are three main organisations that I know of who openly fund Israel, and can do so with ease because they generate MILLIONS AND MILLIONS through the beauty industry. All brands under L’Oreal, Estee Lauder and Procter and Gamble. I have compiled a list for you to see here:


and if you’re not sure about any of them, you can simply Google ‘owner of *insert brand name here*’ and all the stats and articles will come up as clear proof of their support of Israel and essentially their support of the illegal occupation and the bombing and murdering of hundreds of children.

Now that I know that every time I purchase a product from one of these brands, part of that money is going to kill helpless babies, children just like my own siblings with hopes, dreams and aspirations, heartbroken widows, and thousands of innocent people I realise how important it is to STOP FUNDING TERRORISM. Some people sneer at boycotting, stating that it won’t make a lasting difference but I disagree.

Firstly if enough people did boycott, sales would drop drastically and these company owners would find it VERY expensive to continue funding the murder of innocents in Palestine. But more to the point, whether you boycotting these companies makes an outstanding difference or not, can you really live comfortably with yourself knowing that your money will be funding the death of those babies? I am looking at my muji drawers, and quite honestly I am feeling sick wondering how much of my hard earned money has found its way into the pockets of these cruel heartless monsters.

Makeup-up is nice, pretty, fun to play with and experiment, but NEVER is it worth more than an innocent human beings life. You buying from these brands, is you funding the bullets that kill those children. I don’t really understand how I can make it clearer as to why I am boycotting, and I think still some people won’t understand *sigh*

I know that unfortunately the most well-known and most talked about brands seem to be on this list, and as a beauty blogger its very frustrating because to be honest I don’t want to be raving about a product which has unethical owners, thus promoting funding these monsters! But I own so many things that are created and owned by these people! Gah!!

Having said that, in case you haven’t already realised I am VERY passionate about human rights.

If any country, created the largest human prison on earth, on a country they had occupied and then restricted the electricity and water supply, stopped people from crossing the border just because they felt like it, and killed a child every 3 days for the last 10 years, I would oppose them just as strongly as I oppose Israel. Palestine and the death of innocent people, especially children will ALWAYS be more important to me than what I put on my face. Its a no-brainer right?

I’ve been asked to make a list of brands that do not sponsor/support the Israeli occupation but to be honest guys its most brands that are not on this list, and if you have any doubts then google the owners of the brand with either zionism or Israel and you’ll get your answer.

I know its drastic to boycott so many brands. But humanity comes before makeup, before money, before anything. The day that I lose humanity is the day that I have failed to be a decent human being.

I apologise if this post has upset you, but I feel responsible to spread the truth about these brands. Even if one girl out of the hundreds that will read this post, stops buying from those brands, I feel like this will be beneficial.

Just ask yourself, if that was your little brother/cousin/niece or nephew out there being mercilessly killed just for existing, would you continue to buy the mascara that helps fund the monsters who would, and have killed them in a heartbeat? I know I wouldn’t.

I hope you can respect my decisions to boycott these brands, I will still be beauty blogging! Just talking about more ethical brands that do not support the Genocide in Palestine :-)

Please let me know if you have ANY questions at all!