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Hello lovelies! I was organising my eyeshadow palettes and looking at the insane number of Sleek ones I’ve managed to collect over the past few years, I was bamboozled about why I haven't reviewed any of them yet?! To be really honest with you all, I despise doing swatches but I’m trying my best so I hope they aren’t too bad!)


Sleek are very well known for their eyeshadows and their blushes and as a brand they have only gotten better and better with the years! Their palettes cost £7.99 which is incredibly affordable and amazing value for money, so you can’t blame me for ending up with more than two/three! If I had to pick an all time favourite from the ones I own, it would be the Oh So Special Palette. It has every single shade I could want or need for a daytime or evening look!

I’ve owned this palette for at least a year and a half and when the Naked 3 palette was released I was surprised by how much the swatches online reminded me of this very palette! No, the pigmentation doesn’t rival Urban Decay, but for everyday with a decent primer this is amazing. Also, this is one of their older palettes and the newer one’s formulas are even more refined - Sleek really are getting better and better!


The packaging is the standard Sleek style, with a full mirror in the lid which is always mighty useful when travelling. On the downside the casing of the eyeshadow palette is easy to get grubby (as you can see from above) and even a face wipe had a tough time cleaning it! Each shadow has it’s own name, which is pretty cute but I do wish they had written the names under the shadows, or at least on the back like MUA had the initiative to do, because the plastic sheet that fits inside is very easy to lose.


Of the 12 eyeshadows, 7 are matte and 5 are buttery shimmer shades. I’m going to run through each shade and then show more swatches below.

Bow: The perfect bone/off white matte shade, this is my go-to base when I don’t want to do too much with my eyes, but I want to set the concealer (which covers up the darkness on the lid). Its also the perfect brow bone highlight as shimmer under the brow isn’t usually a good look...unless its your prom..or your wedding ya feel? Unfortunately it hasn’t swatched well here at all, but on the lid with a primer it really is my most used shade of the palette.

Organza: A buttery shimmery pink with lots of pigment to it. What I love about this palette is that none of the shimmery shades have any hints of glitter in them. This has a slight silver undertone to it, but its stunning and the pigment really does rival Urban Decay.

Ribbon: Is a matte coral pink shade and I love using this to jazz up a basic neutral eye every now and again. The fact that its matte means it doesn't stand out too much, making it appropriate for the day time. Shimmery pops of colour on the lid are more a night time thing for me personally.

Gift Basket: A beautiful buttery medium brown shade, which would be the perfect base for a smoky eye from this palette!

Glitz: Reminds me of UD’s Gunmetal, its a mix between a blue and a silver and its a nice shade to add if you want to add some definition under the eyes but don’t want to use a black shade.

Celebrate: A stunning deep purple, with insane pigmentation after just one sweep! This shade looks stunning contrasted with Ribbon, and again is fantastic for smoking out any look. I find by adding a little of this into the crease, it’s less harsh than black but still adds sultry definition so well.

Pamper: A stunning light pink, which is again is matte and super pigmented!

Gateau: My least favourite shimmery shade of the palette but not a dud at all. Its very much a silverish-pink, and is a decent inner-corner highlight but that’s about how versatile it is for me.

The Mail: THE PERFECT TRANSITION SHADE EVER I adore this shade! A matte camel-tone, a lot of times I will grab this palette just for this shade because using a transition shade makes eyeshadow looks pull together, and especially for my skin tone I love this!

Boxed: A dark brown matte shade, which I use sooo much! It looks gorgeous with the matte and shimmery pinks, and also 'Gift Basket’. I personally love adding some shadow under the lower lashline and this is my go-to shade normally as its simple but effective in adding some subtle definition!

Wrapped Up: A matte dark taupe colour, which looks stunning with the shade celebrate to create a warmer sultry smoky eye. On the other hand, its perfect used lightly in the crease for a little bit of definition for day time looks as well as night time.

Noir: A satisfyingly pigmented matte black, there’s not a whole lot to say about this aside from its a basic shade that everyone should own - and Sleek’s noir is pretty good.


And that is the review for my favourite Sleek palette right now! It’s one that fabulous for beginners to makeup and eyeshadow, but also valuable to people who have been dabbling about with the stuff for a while.

Which is your favourite Sleek E/S Palette?

Thanks for reading!

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