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Hello lovely ladies! Just a quick post today to share a few of my favourite posts from my first year of blogging.


1. Review of Real Technique’s Sam’s Picks

My all time favourite brush set ever, this was supposed to be limited edition but you can still buy it today! Its an amazing set, and I have reviewed each brush in detail. The perfect set for someone who doesn't want to own a tonne of brushes (unlike myself) OR for the brush-a-holics because it includes the multi-task brush and a set exclusive! Basically ladies, its a winner regardless of your brush situation!


2. Lilac Ombre Nails

I don’t post too much about nail polish, but lilacs and purples are my favourites and the glitter ombre looked so pretty! (Although the above photo isn’t the best of it to be honest).



3. The Pros and Cons of being a beauty blogger (6 month review)

Woah how has it been 6 months since I wrote this? A bit of a spontaneous one, but I think it’s quite insightful, espeically as a lot of girls have approached me and asked me to give them tips about starting up their own blog, it’s handy to have most of them written up in one post!


4. How I save money on makeup

One of my favourites, because I really am a bargain hunter! I rarely pay the full-price for anything (its the asianess about me haha) and in this post I shared my top tips to shop savy!



5. How to thoroughly wash your makeup brushes

Again a post I’m particularly proud of because washing brushes is so so important, and here I run through the routine I’ve been using, which has not only thoroughly cleaned them but conditioned them too. I’m always very happy with the quality of my brushes, some after 2 years of owning! And its all because of this routine :)


6. Review - Sleek’s Flamingo blush

Finally another review, I’m not sure if it’s the blush itself or the way its written...there’s just something about this one that I like a tad more than the others haha!

And the most recent favourite of mine....

How I cover up REALLY dark circles


I hope that gave you a little taster of The Blushing Giraffe ^_^

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Thanks for reading!


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