Bronzing on a Budget | Rimmel Natural Bronzer 021 Sun Light

Rimmel LondonNatural Bronzer 021 Sun Light review

Hi ladies! Looking through my stash, I have accumulated....lets be honest here....a LOT of everything over the past year! But one part of my makeup wardrobe, that has been silently growing, almost unnoticed by me, has been my bronzer draw! I thought I’d start a mini series on my blog, called ‘bronzing on a budget’ because although I have now dabbled into high-end bronzers (and I love em!) I have so many good drugstore ones that I’d love to share with you all ^_^


I think I should start by addressing my skintone. I am quite pale normally and whenever it comes to picking a foundation shade I like to go one up. I just like the healthier, warmer skintone (plus it matches the colour of my hands better too!) Because I wear a hijab and my neck is covered I find it VERY easy to switch shades on the daily if I feel like it. However sometimes my bases are just too pale and I feel like I need some more warmth and life in my face; enter bronzers!   If you’ve never ventured near them because you’re scared of that orange look then perhaps I can help you find a bronzer and a brush (that’s just as important!) to suit you.

Bronzer is easy to over-do, and there are so many shades out there (because look at how many beautiful skintones exist too!) so it’s worth doing a bit of research before purchasing any bronzer in my opinion, highend or otherwise. The thing with blush is you can more or less make any shade work with your skintone, but bronzer can be a little easier to get wrong.

Rimmel LondonNatural Bronzer 021 Sun Light review

This is why I love the Rimmel Natural Bronzer. It was actually the FIRST ever face powder I bought back when I was 14 and although I forgot about it for a good few years, purchasing it again at 19 bought back good memories! The reason why I bought it at the time was because when I swatched all the cheaper drugstore powders they all looked way too chalky and pale for me, but this felt light-weight and I was interested in seeing if I could bronze too, despite not being white. (Oh Iqra how far you have come with your bronzer knowledge haha)

Rimmel LondonNatural Bronzer 021 Sun Light review

Its cased in your typical drugstore plasticness, and the sun design on it is a nice little touch. On the packaging it claims that it is a ‘waterproof bronzer’ with ‘SPF 15’ which is promising for the summer months!


If I had never tried this before, and then I swatched it in boots I wouldn’t have it in my possession. Because when swatched on my hand it appears quite orange which is what most people back away from! However when applied with a large fluffy brush (I quite like the ELF Complexion one) at the temples, along the cheekbones and around the jawline it effortlessly warms up the face without looks blotchy or like you’ve stuck your face in a bowl of wotsits.

Rimmel LondonNatural Bronzer 021 Sun Light review

Its very buildable and a little bit will give you a slight wamrth but you can add more for that real sunkissed look. I didn’t actually realise you could get different shades of this till I looked at the back! If I didn’t own so many bronzers already I would probably be temped to by 22 as well!

Anyway my favourite thing about this bronzer is how well it warms up your base if its too light for you because you have tanned a little! For £5.99 you can’t go wrong with this one. Personally I couldn’t contour with this and I think for those of you who are VERY fair it would look orangish, but if you are NC20-NC40ish I would recommend this as a lovely natural bronze. I could get away with using concealer over redness and darkcircles, and then this bronzer in the 3 motion and my skin would look super healthy and put together ^_^

If you’re looking for a bronzer which will give you a natural non-blotchy warmth to your skin, this could be the answer!


Bronzer Roundup!

Orange or Red?

slightly more on the orange spectrum.


Pigmented enough that you can warm the face up a LITTLE with one sweep, but not over the top so your face looks blotchy and fake-tan-gone-wrong-ified.

Matte or Shimmer?

This sits on the matte/glowing look I would say, its not a flat matte and personally not a powder I would use for contouring due to its slight orange tones, but the glowyness is probably what gives the illusion of a sunkissed healthy look!

Buy Again?

Yes I would buy it again! It says what it does on the tin, gives a natural bronze and the price is brilliant value.


Do you own this? What do you think of it? ^_^

Thanks for reading!

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