The Most Perfect Contour Shade Ever?


Hey ladies! It feels very odd starting off a new month and not having a favourites post up. But to be quite honest I didn’t have enough stand out products to make one, so look out for a slightly longer August faves ^_^

Anyway I have a pretty exciting discovery to share with you all - I think I may have just found the most perfect contour shade I have ever seen - and its in the form of an eyebrow kit from E.L.F!


I have the shade medium, and I always thought the brow powder was too light for my brows. The wax side is fantastic though, I think it’s incredibly under-rated! Because I have a bit of an addiction to brow products going on right now, I haven’t really used the brow kit in general. However two days ago I was swatching the powder, and I realised that it could work well for contouring, because its a cool toned, medium brown and when sculpting out cheekbones you want to avoid very warm bronzers and go for something cooler if you want a precise and natural look.

This is the best ‘actual-creates-the-illusion-of-a-shadow’ type of contour shade I have ever tried. With this powder its super easy to get a slick contour (although yes, this can still get ‘muddy’ if over applied).
My all time favourite has been the Sleek contour in medium, as it adds warmth to the cheeks, whilst still adding some definition to the cheeks. Its a brilliant contouring product, the best from the drugstore! But when applied in a rush it can look a little obvious/too much.


Not only will this brow powder make the contour look more natural, but it will sculpt out your cheeks so well, you just might have to do a double take in the mirror ladies. I am chuffed to bits with how good it looks! Obviously its not going to work quite as well for all skintones, but if you have this kit lying around give it a try - and if you ARE around NC30 or have a medium skintone, then pick this up in the ELF sale that’s currently on - such a steal for less than £2!

I like to use the RT contour brush for my cheeks, and for a light nose contour I use this shape brush (from an ebay set) and blend it out with the E.L.F angled contour brush. Seriously so pleased that I have discovered this, especially as my face has become very chubby since the start of university (new students - beaware!).

Also I was watching KathleenLight’s E.L.F haul, and she said she picked up the light brow kit and that powder was a perfect crease shade! I love a versatile product, and I don’t think E.L.F has excited me this much in a while!

Thanks for reading!