My Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Collection

rimmel moisture renew lipsticks

Hello ladies! Today I wanted to share with you all my favourite drugstore lipstick line. Rimmel does affordable good quality lipsticks like no other in my opinion. I love them so much so that I own over 15 different lippies/laquers just by Rimmel, which is rather a lot for someone who tends to stick to neutral colours, tsk.
 rimmel moisture renew lipsticks

I own 5 of the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks and they are my absolute favourite. I believe they reformulated last year, and they also revamped the packaging. I’m slightly concerned that eventually they will stop selling the first version of the MR line, so I think I could need to stack up on my two favourites! Personally I haven’t been drawn to many of the new version, and the only one I have bought I’m not chuffed with, but more on that later.

rimmel moisture renew lipsticks

The main reason why I love these is because (provided you’ve got fairly exfoliated lips already) these are incredibly moisturising, do not stick to the lips and are long lasting too (I get at least 4 hours). They feel lighter on the lips, rather than that typical waxy feeling on the lips.  Now in my books thats a lot to achieve from a drugstore lipstick, so Rimmel you have done well :)

rimmel moisture renew lipstick nude delight notting hill nude swatch review

So lets start with the shade names from the first line I have Nude Delight, Notting Hill Nude, Funtime Fuchsia and Cherry-Licious. I’ve already reviewed the first two shades over on the lovely SAFIYAH’S blog ‘FrootiBeauty’ so for indepth info check out that link! Essentially though those two are my nudes EVER. Nude delight is more of a traditional nude tone, and although it will be concealer lips = NONO for some people, I love how this accentuates an eye look that I’ve put some effort into. I also enjoy it with a pinky gloss over the top. 

Notting Hill Nude is my all time favourite though, a gorgeous my-lips-but-better with a tad more pink. My lips are fairly pigmented already, so this pinky/brown shade does a fantastic job at adding a classy touch to any look. Its also the shade I turn to when I just don’t know what I want on to put on, and I just need a shade and formula I can rely on.

rimmel moisture renew cherry-licious lipstick review and swatch

Funtime Fuchsia is much more pigmented than the previous two, and in one swipe you have vibrant fuchsia lips! The only way I have been brave enough to wear this is by gently and every so cautiously dab it on my bottom lip and then press my lips together. I know. #Wuss. Do type in ‘Rimmel Funtime Fuchsia review’ and you will see the beautiful Essiebutton rocking this shade like no-one else!

rimmel moisture renew lipstick in cherry-licious swatch review

Cherry-Licious always surprises me when I swatch it because contrary to what the tube depicts, the shade actually comes out sheer, buildable and very appropriate for daytime if you want a bit colour. I would describe it as a brown and maroon colour, with quite a mature/vampy undertone. This one does have subtle specks of shimmer, which don’t feel that gritty on the lips. A lipstick for autumn for sure!

I've just realised I totally forgot to talk about my one lipstick from the new packaging...kind of shows how insignificant it is, but if I do find myself getting along with it, you will see a post somewhere about it ^_^

I am going to have to pick up backup for the two nude shades because I can’t express how lovely they are! Sometimes you can find a few of these shades on fragrance direct for only £1.50 which is amazing! Nude delight is currently out of stock though - boo ;( You can shop for the whole range here.

Do you own any of these lipsticks?

Thanks for reading!