Requested | How I Wear Berry Lips (Eid Makeup)

Hello everybody!
Ages and ages ago I was asked to write a post on how I wear berry lips, and even though I had a vague idea on how I would - I had never actually worn them before! I’m very much a natural my-lips-but-better type of girl and so berry lips on me are something not done often at all! Having said that I’ve discovered that it IS fun to have a play with colour, and when my Eid outfit was such a neutral colour with a berry pop, I knew I had my chance!
The word ‘berry’ in the colour spectrum is a confusing one, because it can be interpreted as pink, purple, blue, maroon and anything inbetween! But I think they all fit under a similar category - more ‘out there/oh she’s made an effort!’ and I would probably wear each of those colours in a similar way. The main thing to remember though is its only makeup and there are no REAL rules. It’s your face so don’t be afraid to experiment :)

The Base
When thinking about wearing berry lips, you want the focus of your makeup to be ON the lips, and not so much the skin. So opt for a base that will provide you with decent coverage and a matte/satin finish. I normally like to bronze up my skin, but for berry lips, you want the lips to be the main standout not the rest of your face! So I do prefer to ditch the bronzer!

The cheeks
This is the important bit for me, a berry lip means sculpted cheekbones, but not with your average contour colour! You need to pick a matte berry shade, that will effectively sculpt out your cheekbones, whilst adding a beautiful blush of colour onto your skin. Sleek’s blush-by-3 in Pink Spirit is PERFECT for this!
Taking a duo-fibre brush (this won’t pick up too much product) tap it into the blush and apply just above where you would normally apply your contour. Because its a very bronze-free look, focusing more on a strong colour with contouring, highlight is optional. Personally I find that when using my Accessorise baked bronzer (reviewed here) I can highlight to my hearts content, because its so subtle but really does bring light to the face. On the other hand, if I’m using my Mary-Lou I have to go VERY lightly, but all in all, make sure the highlight doesn’t ‘take over the face’. Read: This is not the type of look that suits that disco ball look!

The Eyes
plum makep look the blushing giraffe sleek vintage romance paletteplum makep look the blushing giraffe sleek vintage romance palette
I found the perfect palette for my Eid/berry look was ‘the vintage romance palette’ by Sleek. It’s quite a dark and dramatic palette but its perfect for special occasions!
    1. I took gold shade (3rd from left) all over the first half of the lid
    2. Used the gorgeous matte burnt orange/brown in the crease as the transition shade.
    3. I then took a little of the very dark purple eyeshadow (second from right bottom row) on a small detailer brush, in the outer V of the eyelid
    4. and then I dipped a fluffy brush into the pink shade (second from the left) and blended it all over the crease so it merged with the burnt orange shade. It took a lot of blending to make the dark shadow quite faint as I didn’t want it too be too obvious. Just to add some definition.  
    5. Taking that same pinkish shade mixed with a purple under the bottom lash-line with a detailer brush I added more of the pop of colour.
    6. Finally I went over the gold shade again, and put it into my inner corner too.
    7. I then lined my eyes with the 2tru black liquid liner, and coated my lashed with Benefit’s They’re Real - it was a celebration after all! (Clearly I’m rubbish at describing eye looks and steps D:)

The Lips
wet n wild sugar plum fairy rimmel lasting finish 04 vampy berry lips
And finally the berry lips! Like I said you could interpret this in many ways, and for this outfit, the berry shade has strong pink undertones. Therefore I decided to apply my Wet ‘n’ Wild lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy. This was the first time I wore one of these lippies for the whole day, and I have to say I am VERY impressed! Upon application it was soft and creamy but the lasting time was amazing! Although it is a darker pink, I wanted more of a purple/berry tone so I added Rimmel’s Lasting Finish lipstick in shade 04. This is the darkest and most vampy lipstick I own, and dabbed gently ontop of Sugar Plum Fairy it makes a fantastic berry lip! Edgy with the darkness, but still a little bright with the pink tone!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspired you to get mixing to make the perfect shade for you ^_^
Thanks for reading!