A Trio Of Empties #2

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Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well. Today I have another three empty products to discuss with you, my part 1 is here and the reason why I split it into threes is because they’re much more manageable than collecting a whole basketful of essentially rubbish! Plus I get to ramble on a bit more ^_^

1. Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub* | £13.95

I finally came to the end of this tub which is quite a generous amount for the price. I actually got this at my first Lush blogger event all those months ago and I guess it took me so long to use because I have pretty mixed feelings about it. Personally I found it too gritty and a little harsh to use as a facial exfoliator and I much prefer gentle exfoliators. However when used on arms and legs it buffs away dead skin and leaves them feeling silky and smooth. The two reasons why I’m not head over heels about this is because firstly it can sting a little which is most probably the sea salt! Nonetheless I’d rather not have the stinging and I’m sure there are similarly priced alternatives which will give me the same result. Secondly this contains actual vodka which I didn’t realise until I got towards the end and someone on IG told me about it...why it contains vodka I’m not 100% sure but as Muslims aren’t supposed to drink the stuff I’m sure we aren’t meant to use it in a scrub either ._.

Repurchase? Aesthetically pleasing to look at yeah, but too many cons for me pick this up again! I would love to try the Soap and Glory breakfast scrub next.


2. Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover | £4.99 £3.99

I believe this is the first nail polish pot thing to come into the market and I for one really enjoyed it. Although it doesn’t quite take the 1 seconde it states on the pot, it does take away the mess of the pads and actually makes the whole removal process cheaper as well as quicker. The only downside I found was that glitter polish does not mix well with the sponge in the pot here at all! Also right at the end of its use my fingers kind of started to turn black as the makeup remover itself ran out and the sponge could probably have seen better days. It was easy enough to wash off, just a little annoying but I suppose one can expect that. Anyways its on sale at ASOS atm (linked above) so I may pick it up on payday if its still there.

Repurchase? If its not on sale I’d be interested in trying some alternatives but to be honest I enjoyed it enough to buy again for around a fiver.


3. Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra Comfortable Face Cream -Day Cream | £23

I LOVED this moisturiser, easily the best one I have tried and in this case the price really paid off. I did manage to get it for around £15 which softened the blow but it lasted for around 6 months of daily use and it was incredibly hydrating and soothing. I believe this cream is one of the main reasons why my skin became less dry and more on the normal side of things and every time I applied it my skin felt really happy y’know? Plump, soothed and prepped for the whole day. It is scented but a comfortable scent nothing strong or over-powering. I’m not used to seeing a big difference with skincare and this is a moisturiser I really adored but the price isn’t student friendly enough for me to justify till there is a significant sale on sadly :c Currently I’m using a budget friendly boots botanics moisturiser which is nice but nothing to write home about, so if you do have dry skin I would 100% recommend you picking this up if you can.

Repurchase: Yes! But when there is a sale on so I’ll be keeping an eye out.


Thank-you for reading ♥

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