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dior backstage blender professionnal finish fluid foundation sponge

Hello everybody, I hope you’re all doing well. Today I will be reviewing the Dior Backstage Blender sponge which I mentioned when I reviewed the Dior Skin Nude Foundation here. It is the best way to use that foundation in my experience and I am sure it will work just as beautifully with the Dior Skin Star as it was released alongside it. Now many of you were surprised that Dior had their own sponge and you will be even more surprised to find out that this sponge actually costs less than the beautyblender! From Boots  £12 but you could get it for just over a tenner from here which is where I ordered mine from ^_^

If you’re wondering if this is a dupe for the Bblender.. the simple answer is no it really isn’t. The first and main difference is that it is designed to be used dry which if I’m honest is brilliant, no need to get up and wet it in the bathroom because you forgot JUST before you got comfy Don’t pretend that doesn’t annoy you even a little bit! It also isn’t that perfect cute lil egg shape, more of a flat bottomed, slightly elongated egg. Here is Dior’s description of it:

The egg-shaped, ergonomic Fluid Foundation Sponge delivers seamless application, even in the most hard-to-reach places, for a radiant and sculpted studio finish.

Application tips:
1- Use the side of the sponge to blend foundation over the entire face.
2- Use the tip to apply foundation on specific areas (wings of the nose, eye contour, etc.)
The base can be used to adjust coverage on areas that require greater correction.

Dior backstage blender review

It is a lot more firm and tougher than the beauty blender and it doesn’t lightly bounce against your face because of the texture. So no it’s not as soft and perhaps soothing to use as the pink egg but I do find that it soaks up less foundation than the damp beauty blender. The tip is great for areas around the nose and the base is great for when you need a little more coverage.

The way I use the backstage blender...

I don’t recommend you bounce this against your skin in the same motion as you would with a damp blending sponge because that really is quite painful. Instead push the sponge against the skin and kinda roll the foundation, so not exactly stippling, but a gentle pushing/patting motion instead. You literally need to pat the liquid in to get the best finish, and with this sponge I get no cakeyness or streaks. I don’t use this with my under-eye concealer, partly because the warmth of my fingers do a better job - but also because I do think its a little too firm for the under-eyes and when I’m doing a full on highlight and contour look I prefer to use the beauty blender as it has a much softer texture.

So Overall...I’m glad I picked this up because it gives me the best finish with my DiorSkin Nude foundation and I know I’ll get the most out of that because of this sponge. It also absorbs less foundation and saves you the hassle of wetting it.

Would I pick this over the beauty blender if I only had to choose one? No.

The Beauty blender is fantastic for blending in liquid and cream products and does have a great deal of versatility which is why it’s worth the price. I think you should consider getting this if you own any of the DiorSkin foundations as it really does give a finish no brush could achieve, however I warn you now - the hardness takes a bit of getting used it!

What is your favourite tool for foundation application?

Thank-you for reading ♥

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