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Hello! I today I’m going to add to my ‘hijab and jewels’ section of the blog, with reviews from two wonderful companies that are worth checking out ^_^

south london hijabs review


Starting off with South London Hijabs, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna do a full on review for hijab companies on my blog. However I reminded myself that ultimately its my blog, if I want a little section for headscarves and jewels and gems from small hardworking companies, then I shall have that! So to kick it all off I present to you

South London Hijabs

They sell hijabs (obvs)  and the range is really impressive ^_^

Standard plain colours, two colour ombre, three colour ombre and the patterned ones too (including mosaic and floral). You can also purchase the Dina Torkia range of super high quality hijabs and the fur cape too.

I was kindly sent two of the ombre ones, pictured on the left which I am so grateful for, thankyou so much Mariyah! My absolute favourite is the grey and pink ombre one because it is so versatile. On one end it is dark grey which fades into a lighter grey and then becomes a pretty pink shade. I usually wear it with the majority of the grey showing and a little of the pink peaking through, but sometimes I just wrap it around quick style and have the pink on the side.




I’ve owned both hijabs for a good few months now and I’ve worn the grey and pink probably twice a week which is pretty excessive, but when I love a scarf I just cannot get enough, and this was no exception. Considering the price, I would expect this to have frayed or warn a little, considering how often I wear it, but much to my surprise its holding up really well! I also love the material, its 100% viscose, and great for all types of weather. I’m normally always hot, which is weird considering I’m from England but apparently it’s runs in the family..ANYWAYS point it, this scarf doesn’t ever make me feel hot and bothered and when I take the time and actually use pins, it also stays in place all day.

south london hijabs revieww

Affordable yet good quality, a variety of colours and styles to choose from and most importantly a range which is so wearable. Even if you don’t wear a headscarf and you’ve been looking for a lightweight scarf to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe I’d highly recommend checking out this company - oh and you can purchase/view the store:


kiraofficial leather purse uk

The second company I want to share with you all is quite a new one, based on instagram and the uniqueness of these gorgeous purses* really drew me to them! There is something so special about handmade items and also items that are not available to purchase from your typical topshop or newlook store. A sort of exclusivity and specialness about them y’know?

kiraofficial leather uk purse

It is about the size of my hand, and closes with a sturdy button. The colour was so hard to capture on camera, and there is a much more accurate colour on their instagram found here as well as pictures of the other 4 colours available! I adore this teal colour and the tan one, they’re both so stunning! The embossing on the purse gives it an ethnic touch and I love how you can see the hand done stitching, again that whole unique one-off piece look.


Inside the purse, its lined with two different patterned fabrics, another touch I LOVE. There is a zip compartment which is ideal for things you don’t want slipping out, such as money and lipsticks. Personally this is going to be my new ‘emergency’ purse, I did have a heart shaped one from ASOS but unfortunately it was too small to fit in half the things I feel that I need in case of an emergency. In the zipless compartment I’m going to keep paracetemol, my pocket mirror and a small bottle of handcream. Inside the zipped one will be lip balm, travalo, an emergency fiver, a concealer, lipliner and a mini sized ‘they’re real’ mascara because those are my freshening up makeup essentials. This purse fits ALL of that in with room to spare!


The envelope design of the purse means it can slot easily inside all shaped bags. For someone who swaps bags between uni, work, social and likes to go between two or three, one of these emergency purses are necessary to keep everything I could possibly need (plus extra) altogether and move it between one to another without wasting time and space.

This purse is multi-functional and would make a gorgeous gift for pretty much anyone! I know my sister would love and make use of it just as much as my bestfriend, plus with an affordable pricetag of £10, it’s a total bargain ^_^ As they are all handmade I would recommend you having a look as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Check out the full range and how to order by clicking here!

Which colour purse is your favourite?

Thank-you for reading ♥

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