May Catch-up

May Chatty Post

Hello everyone, today’s catchup is bought to you from a poorly Iqra sitting in bed, looking through her camera roll for photos from May. It was an over-all great month but I just didn’t take a lot of photos unfortunately.

Blurgh, talk about a horrible word. I had four exams and they left me exhausted, second year Psychology is so tough! We had so many modules and so so soooo much to remember, especially compared so some other courses! However it’s a relief that second year is done and I am now onto the third and final year of my course - where on earth did time go??

We found out who our mentors were last month and I was over the moon because I got my first pick (we had to choose 5). My mentor is, as you can probably tell, one of my favourite lecturers, she is full of energy and enthusiasm which bounces off on us and she is always willing to help. We’ve had one lunch-time meeting where we discussed our initial ideas on dissertation and one meeting about our literature review. I’m really set on doing my dissertation on...drum roll please...P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N!

Birthday Surprise
One of my best friends Ayesha surprised me with tickets to see J.Cole which was amazing! We went to the Barclaycard arena in Birmingham and although it was super hot, the experience was a once in a lifetime for me! It’s not something I normally do which made it even more exciting.

Turning 20 and starting a makeup course??
I’ve written a post about ‘20 things I want to do in my 20s’ and I had a really nice day with my family. Normally on birthday’s one doesn’t feel particularly different, but this one was different. I do feel older and like I’m starting the next chapter of my life. Oh and I’ve already started one of the 20 things!

Starting a makeup course tehe
It’s online but includes assignments and takes a good few weeks to complete. I began module one yesterday and I’ve already learnt a decent amount. It goes into detail about so many things, different eye shapes, essential brushes etc. and it’s very interesting. It’s not the same as doing a physical, going into a classroom type of course which I also hope to do, but this is like the foundation of my makeup knowledge slowly growing ^_^ If you’re interested in the course I signed up for, which was apparently £399 and now reduced to £24 click here and you earn a level 2 certificate upon completion. If anyone would like me to blog about this course a little later and if I think it’s worth it, let me know! There’s only one day left to take advantage but from the reviews I’ve read they make this available every now and again so it’s not a once in a life time opportunity.

Making a holiday schedule and prepping for Ramadan
As soon as my final exam was over I knew I had to change a few things for the better and from tomorrow I’ll be trying to stick to my new schedule. This includes exercise, blogging time and cooking too so here’s to getting organised! Ramadan is also right around the corner, it’s a very special month and I’ve been trying to mentally prepare myself. The physical aspect of not eating or drinking is something I haven’t done though, as the chubby cheeks still remain. Hopefully with a combination of eating the right stuff and exercise they’ll be less chubbeh - that’s what a healthy life-style means right D:

Once upon a time...
I didn't think I would enjoy this series, but I am hooked! If you liked your fairytales as a kid, this version is a pretty awesome mix! They've included so many stories and woven them around the main characters, and there's just something magical about it. I preferred season 2 to season 1 so if the first few aren't that interesting, sit through them - it gets better!

How was your May?

Thank-you for reading ♥