July Update

Phew, July flew by so quickly and it’s been so jam packed I’m still in shock that we’re already at August! I don’t know about wherever you are in the world, but here in the UK the weather has been in its usual ‘can’t make my mind up’ state, with stiflingly hot days during the final part of Ramadan, and torrential rain two weeks later! As usual I’m gonna try and sum up my month with the use of my camera roll and the occasional DLR snap as usual and hopefully I don’t turn this into a full blown essay like June’s one!

eid card and krispy kreme nomnom
 Look at that beautiful Eid card! My mum’s work colleagues kindly gave it to us, I love the beautiful design and it was so thoughtful. Ramadan, as usual ended too quickly and it’s always really strange to eat during the day on Eid and the day afterwards! I had avoided going shopping during Ramadan because its pretty much an unnecessary way of getting tired and thirsty, so after Eid I treated my sister to a Krispy Kreme donut. I can’t believe how expensive these things are getting y’know! But it was a delicious little treat no doubt - mine is the one that looks like it’s been covered with lipgloss lol.

muji foundation storage

Since Eid it’s been non-stop busyness and I’ve been trying to clear out my room a little, get things in order and address my overflowing dressing table/desk situation. I eventually decided that I just have to get myself a little more Muji - I’ll have a full post on it later in the month but please meet my new base holder! Oh acrylic storage, how you make my heart happy ^_^ In the last year or so I’ve collected a rather large amount of bases and having them all in one place makes it easy to see what I have and order them on shades and finishes etc.

This has got to be my favourite thing on the net for a while, taken from tumblr I just had to share it with you pahahaa. We all feel fragile sometimes right hahahahaa *takes a minute to calm down* okay enough enough

wedding decor

 Last weekend we went to a Wedding and it was lovely, sometimes I feel like we only get to see 80% of people we know at weddings but that's a part of being Asian and 'knowing' hundred of people I guess. It also got me thinking about going to other weddings, as in not Pakistani weddings. I’d love to go to an English wedding, an Arab wedding just OTHER weddings to see their cultures and traditions.

bowling with the cousins

 Whilst in London for the wedding, we decided to stay for two nights and spend some time with the family. It’s always nice to sit with the younger cousins because they grow up so quickly. This time the elder lot decided to go bowling which was so fun (though it did bring to my attention the next day that I am getting horrendously unfit, my arms were aching!!). After we walked to grab a #cheekynandos har har. Nine of us squeezed onto one circular table with the tenth pulling up a chair. It was a rare meal to all eat together like that, really enjoyable though.

So all in all a busy pretty intense month, which I ended with a trip to a Safari park with my bestfriend. It was such a fun day out and a nice way to catch up with her too as throughout Ramadan I pretty much stayed at home. There is nothing like seeing animals so close up, from rhinos to elephants (they do actually hold onto each others tails when they’re being lead in a direction - the cutest thing to see!). The big cats were pretty disappointing I have to say, they kept to themselves as far away from the path as possible, clearly bored of the vehicles going in and out every day. My favourite? The giraffes OFC!!! and this particular safari park has like 12 of them. I was in my absolute element, especially as they’re so chill. They don’t care about cars driving on the path, they’re happy to walk across the road doing their own thing, bending over in the most hilarious manner to get at a particular branch on the grass. I know the whole blushing giraffe thing isn’t really that relevant to make-up but guys GIRAFFES REALLY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! From their long lashes, to their graceful walk and even their tails are pretty.

cuddling monkeys

Also driving through the Monkey area is one of the most entertaining parts of the park because just look how adorable they are! These two were cuddling so close to the path I had to take a photo. The thing is though, these monkeys are darn snobby - the only cars they were jumping on were the big 4X4, the Mercs, the BMWs and the Range Rovers. My humble 3 door Toyota wasn't good enough to be a climbing frame for the little things. Still the advantages of that was we could see them having a whale of a time climbing all over big cars just half a meter away from us. There was this one purple car, on which a large monkey sat on for at lest 10 minutes, and he was actually bending down and peering into the side window looking at the driver - idk I think that would scare me a little xD

And that is the end of my July! August should *fingers crossed* have some sort of mention of working out, here’s hoping....and perhaps a little event or two hehe.

How was YOUR July?

Thank-you for reading ♥