Eid Gift Guide Part 2 | Non-Beauty, Clothing & Online Stores

Hello everyone! Welcome to part 2 of my Eid gift guide. You can read part 1 here which was focused on the best of beauty. I tried to cater to all budgets so items started from £3-£45. Part 2 is all about non-beauty gifts. Perhaps your sister is already a beauty lover and she knows what make she likes, so you don’t want to risk getting her something random, or maybe your cousin seems to have just about everything and you’re struggling to think of something unique. This guide is for you and it too includes as many links as I could find to the items in my collage above, plus some lovely small independent businesses which I love to support. All details will be listed below!

Starting off with my second favourite thing to browse after makeup...stationary! You can get cute Notebooks from super-markets to paperchase who btw offer 10% student discount - yay! Although most things are done in the digital age these days, there is nothing quite like putting a pen to paper y’know?

I love the idea of scrapbooking and with this gift idea you have two options. Either purchase one and fill it up with photos, quotes and stories between you and the person - which will make the most priceless present ever! You don’t even need to be super creative, just have a couple of photos and the internet for or even gifting them a plain one is a lovely present idea. It’ll encourage them to get a little creative and it’s such a priceless thing having a bunch of memories documented! Also Acrylic Muji Boxes make wonderful gifts, I can’t think of a single girl who wouldn’t find it useful to have one of these on my vanity or desk. Prices are very reasonable too which is always a plus.

If your family member or friend is into traveling a Scratch Map is a wonderful gift, so they can carefully mark off each country! Something I want to get for after Uni ^_^ I love browsing ASOS when it comes to buying gifts and this Travel wallet really stood out to me. I hate taking my normal everyday wallet on holiday because what am I going to do with a boots, nandos and nectar card abroad? This travel wallet is large enough to carry your passport as well as tickets, passes, notes, change and cards. It’s made out of real leather too so will be sturdy and last a long time. (Also the white one is currently on sale!).

I think giving Clutch bags as gifts is a brilliant idea because it’s one of those thing that I don’t really think about till I have the perfect outfit put together for an occasion and realise...I have no clutch D: You can get these for reasonable prices from most stores and online, be smart and use a student discount code if you can! Scented Candles are another great one and Yankee Candle have a plethora of fragrances to choose from at reasonable prices.

Phone cases make awesome gifts! I love switching up my phone case and they’re so affordable these days so definitely a great choice for those of you on a budget! Personally I like getting mine from ebay cause I’m savy. However they’re available pretty much everywhere from ASOS to etsy and the selection available are almost endless!

Eid gift ideas 2

Necklace / Ring / Ring / Ring / Creative Flow on Instagram: “#henna #handcrafted #love #creativity... / The Jewellery Box UK on Instagram: “Add some Bohemian to your summer... / The Jewellery Box UK on Instagram: “Gorgeous weather to show off your... / Lush Bowtique (@lush_bowtique) • Instagram photos and videos / RooHijabs on Instagram: “Sparkle hijabs ?” / Lush Bowtique (@lush_bowtique) • Instagram photos and videos / Lu'Lu' Bag on Instagram: “Get your Eid gifts, there's still time for... / Products | Faith∙Love∙Diamonds / The Jewellery Box UK on Instagram: “Add some Bohemian to your summer... / RooHijabs on Instagram: “Sparkle hijabs ?” / Samia's Treasures, my Choice, my Hijab, my Identity, my Style. -... / Sakura Scarves (@sakura.scarves) • Instagram photos and videos

Instagram Stores/Online Boutiques

The following are all Instagram shops and boutiques,  I’ve posted direct links so enjoy having a browse ^_^ Most of these are either hijab and clothing shops or shops that sell home-made/personalised items. I love supporting independent companies so I asked on IG if any shops would like to be a part of this post and I’ve included those who contacted me in it. I also have a couple of my personal faves too so enjoy!

An Instagram shop which has a great selection of hijabs to choose from, starting with the plain ones in all colours, then you have the beautiful ombre ones, tassel hijabs, patterned hijabs, hijabs with pearls, hijabs with flecks of glitter, metallic gold and silver hijabs and even three colour hijabs! Hijabs for days! I think getting any female a hijab, whether she wears one on a regular basis or not is a brilliant gift because she will inevitably use it at some point and think of you. Plus I think my fellow hijabis will agree, it’s almost impossible to have too many hijabs! ;D
At the moment RooHijabs have an offer on where you get a free hijab on all orders that are over £10! Stock up now ladies!

@Lush_bowtique - Facebook Page
This online boutique offers a range of statement jewellery, apparel and handbags which would all make lovely Eid gifts! Especially the statement necklaces, they have pieces that are on par with Zara and add the perfect pop of colour to any outfit. You can order via Facebook and IG too. The white kaftan with the gorgeous neckline is from Lush bowtique and it looks perfect for any special occasion as you can dress it up nicely with a pair of heels and a fancy clutch or just let the kaftaan do the talking!

@Arrawdahjewels - Facebook Page + Etsy Store
This online store is run by an 18 year old which I love! That entrepreneurial spirit and creativity from someone with the joys of student life to go along is amazing and I have a lot of respect for her. ANYWAYS it’s really easy to see all her stock from the etsy store ^ and there are a range of beautiful handmade items such as hand chains, earing, head-chains, hijab-pins and pin cushions too. The detail of the jewellery is exquisite and so unique.

@lulu_bag_ - Facebook - Website
 I won’t go into too much detail because I have actually reviewed it fully here, however in short it’s the coolest subscription service for hijab and scarf lovers ever! Similar to the beauty subscription boxes, you get a beautiful bag with a hijab, hijab cap and accessories too. There are several categories to choose from in terms of hijab style and I’ve just checked on the website - there is now a new Scarf bag which includes two hijabs! This is such a perfect Eid gift, they have done all the hard work for you, even the beautiful presentation and whoever receives a lulu bag as a gift will be a very happy women! ^_^

@DustyDiamonds - Website
A long time favourite of mine, the pieces that are sold on this site are so unique and make the most beautiful gifts. From delicate to more bold, you can find something for everyone and the gift wrap options with cute little boxes, tissue paper and confetti make it so easy to go that extra mile for someone special, without actually having to do anything! I’m in love with the new rings in stock, they’re so beautiful and look a lot more expensive than they are. They also sell clothing, sunglasses, phone cases, some of which have been reviewed here. The best thing of all about Dusty diamonds though? With every order a certain percentage goes to charity (and that amount is written for you when your order comes!) - if that isn’t heart-warming I don’t know what is. I LOVE people who care for the rest of humanity and charity has always been important to me so to see a store being so generous is amazing.

Another IG shop which sells all handmade items - and what beautiful items they are! The cool thing about handmade stores is that you can usually get your items personalised and there is something that little bit better when you get a personalised gift rather than a a standard one you know? BB.Crafts sell the most beautiful henna candles, which makes lovely decorations and you can have anniversary dates on there, names, quotes etc. You can also buy trinklet boxes and picture frames too. The detail is stunning and its a store well worth checking out if you want something totally personal and not available on the high-street!

Their IG name says it all! Another one of my favourite online stores for statement pieces, they’re so unique and very well priced in my opinion, That gorgeous rustic gold piece is from The Jewellery Box and it’s so different to the ‘in’ pieces - I love it! The range of more delicate jewels is fab too and if you gift someone anything from this store, I’m sure they’ll love the exclusivity of it ^_^

@QueenofModesty (FB Page)
A store that is focused on clothing rather than accessories, so if you know a family member or friend are looking for a beautiful summer dress or some modest clothing check them out! I like that they have a range of simple items and also more detailed items which are great for special occasions.

@FaithLoveDiamonds - Website
I adore this site and IG page, again one of my long time favourites, it stocks gorgeous unique pieces and they are super affordable too so if you’re on a budget but still want to purchase a lovely gift this is the store for you. With amazing statement necklaces, to the best accessorises in at the time. I love the attention to detail and the customer service too. You can see a few of the items I have from the store in this IG post, and I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re absolutely gorgeous!

@SamiasTreasures - website
One of my favourite online hijab stores, if you’re a student after a bargain make sure you check them out they have the best deals on scarves and it’s easy to pick up a range of essentials like hijab caps, pins and clips without breaking the bank. Simple, jersey, patterned, tassels, the selection is amazing and pretty much anything you’re looking for you can find here. A long time favourite of mine and the lady who runs this stall is one of the kindest, funniest people I’ve ever met, if you have the pleasure of meeting her at an event make sure you do!

@Sakura.Scarves - Website
I love this store for the limited edition scarves you can get as well as the stunning small details on the hijab pins. Check out their IG if you don’t believe me - I’ve never seen such pretty pins! These would make beautiful gifts for those who wear hijabs as it’s a lovely accessory for special occasions - I want to get myself a few! Diamanté, crystal, roses you name it. The prices of the scarves are also affordable so do check them out.
The sister also asked me to let you guys know that there will be a charity event on the 19th July in London and stalls cost £30 - get in contact with her if you’re interested.

And that concludes the end of one of my LONGEST ever posts written - this took me three days which is crazy and far longer than I had anticipated. I’m not even sure that the clickable picture thing works above - but if not I have provided links to each store so forgive me! I sincerely hope that some of you find this useful and if you do buy anything from those stores let them know I sent you hehe. Good luck with the last few days of Ramadan if you are fasting! If you are not, thank-you for being patient with me, beauty posts will resume soon I promise but I hope you still found this useful ^_^

Thank-you for reading ♥