My 21st Birthday Sephora Haul!

sephora birthday haul beauty insider 2016 ordering to the UK

Hello everybody! Today is my 21st Birthday 🎉 And it's becoming a bit of a tradition to treat myself to one Sephora order a year, in my birthday month. Ordering from Sephora is expensive without a doubt, customs, taxes and shipping in total probably cost me around £36! So now you know why it's more of an annual treat haha. Having said that, like I said last year the way I see it is £36 is a lot cheaper than a ticket to America and hotel costs SOOOO I think all in all, although its a splurge it's rather justifiable ;D. Before we get into this haul, I'd just like to apologise for the lack of consistency with these photos, I was getting brave and shooting in RAW mode...this was my first try and some of them didn't quite come out as I had hoped. ANYWAYS, on to the good stuff!

Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in lolita and double dare

So starting off with two liquid lipsticks that I've had my eye on for AGES, and these are probably the most talked about and most loved liquid lipsticks of all time: Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in Lolita and Double Dare ($20.00 - £13.70). I was extremely excited for Lolita of course, which is described as a chestnut rose. It looks like the most gorgeous mauvey rose shade for medium skintones and I am super excited to try it today. I also purchased Double Dare, which came highly recommend by the lovely Jasmine and is described as 'cocoa blush'. It's pretty much a stunning medium muted pink shade and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it. I was also planning on purchasing the shade Bow N Arrow which is a nude colour, but then I decided to try out a couple of different formulas and if I love these two, I'll place another order and pick it up next year.

Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in ashton, sephora collection cream lip stain in 13 Marvellous Mauve
 Talking about other formulas, I simply HAD to purchase at least one of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lipsticks ($20.00 - £13.70) and as the new shades were new to Sephora, a lot of them were out of stock. I did want to purchase at least one of the pink nude shades and if I like this formula, I'll be purchasing those in the future. However another shade which stood out to me, after watching at least 10 swatch videos, was Ashton. On the Sephora site, it is described as a mid-toned yellow brown, however based on swatches I would call it more of a deeper nude shade, with orange undertones. Actually it does kind of remind me of everything nice (reviewed here) which is a shade I adore, so I'm looking forwards to trying Ashton out! The packaging of the ABH liquid lipsticks are so lovely and luxe too.

The final liquid lipstick formula I purchased is the Sephora collection cream lip stain in 13 - Marvellous Mauve ($14.00 - £9.59). I have seen this doing the rounds on YouTube for months now and after a bit of research, I saw this shade is an almost exact dupe for Stila's Patina! This is £6 cheaper, plus its a whole different formula, so I was very excited to pick it up and give it a go. By the way, I haven't included swatches in this post because I plan to review each and every product individually - but I will be doing comparison swatches and the likes when I get around to writing those posts.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Fawn, Sienna and Peach Sorbet single eyeshadows

Anastasia Beverly Hills Fawn, Sienna and Peach Sorbet single eyeshadows
 So you probably know that I have become pretty smitten with single eyeshadows, and the concept of creating my own palette! Being a regular YouTube watcher (have I mentioned that already??), ABH shadows are used so often and recommended a lot. It was really hard to settle on which shades I wanted, because initially I thought I'd be able to get a quad for free to hold them in, BUT FOR SOME REASON SEPHORA DOESN'T SHIP THE CARDBOARD/PLASTIC QUAD PACKAGING TO THE UK -_- It's really not a huge deal, it's just a bit frustrating because I understand why they can't ship nail polishes...but packaging for a quad?? Eh. Anyway what made choosing these shades a little easier was I already had the majority of my MUG shadows, so I could kind of see which shades were missing in my palette - as this whole single shadow palette will be my go-to for years to come!

The first shade I decided to go for was Sienna - described as an earth brown. I picked this over morocco, though it was a very close call. I think what helped me decide in the end was literally googling eyeshadow looks with each shade name, and thinking about which ones I could actually see myself using. First impressions are that this is in the same colour family as Cocoa Bear from MUG, which is one of my ultimate favourites!  Peach Sorbet - is described as a metallic sultry rose champagne. I chose it mainly because Katy (Lustrelux) loves this shade, plus I needed a bright pop of colour in my palette, for an intense inner-corner highlight or simply all over the lid. The final shade I purchased was Fawn - described as a neutral olive. I wouldn't quite agree with this description, it's more of a brown and again it's used and recommended so much on YT that I couldn't resist adding to my already pretty extensive collection of neutrals! The ABH shadows are a bit of a splurge, they're $12.00 - £8.22, so they're just a little more expensive than the MUG foiled shadows. Based on the price, of course I have high expectations and I'll be posting reviews for these three shadows separately by the way, as they are more pricey.

Tarte tartelette in bloom palette and tarte CC cream medium tan

AND WE HAVE MORE EYESHADOWS. Lemme explain okay, hear me out - I know I said I've gone off palettes since the decision to create my own using single shadows, but since this beauty was released months ago I was completely smitten. The Tartelette In Bloom Palette ($45.00 - £30.00) is actually available in the UK, from QVC however it was out of stock for a couple of weeks prior to my order so I decided to pick it up from Sephora instead. This is the second version of their palette, the first one was all matte and it didn't really appeal to me. Especially as a LOT of reviews were not so great, so although I was instantly drawn to the in bloom palette, I was kind of glad I was on my spending ban so I could wait and read reviews for this one. I've not come across any negative reviews myself, and although it was smaller than I expected, I am OVER THE MOON. The pigmentation of the shades are stunning, the formula is creamy and I just can't stop admiring this beauty! I couldn't have designed a more beautiful palette myself, from the outer packaging, to the large mirror, to the range of lights to darks with that gorgeous redish shade - yes Tarte, you did SO GOOD.

I've also had my eye on the Tarte Colored Clay CC Undereye Corrector ($24.00 - £16.43) for a while now. I am all about the salmon coloured correctors, I've tried a couple but I'm yet to find one that ticks all my boxes. First impressions are that the shade I purchased - Medium-Tan is probably going to be near perfect, I'm not so sure about the coverage or formula, but I shall be reviewing it soon along with the concealer I picked up LAST year!

Sephora birthday gift 2016

And finally one of the funnest things about ordering from Sephora in your birthday month, is the beauty insider birthday gift! Last year it was two decent sized NARS pencils, which I loved. This year they give you a skincare option and a makeup option. Of course, when I saw it was Marc Jacobs, I picked this - a mini lipstick and a pencil eyeliner. Do excuse the quality of this photo (RAW gone wrong🙄), but I'll be doing a post on this very soon to give y'all my two pennies. Regardless though, its a great perk and a lovely free gift from a very luxury brand.

And that is the end of my birthday haul from Sephora! I feel very blessed to have so much beautiful new makeup to play with and I cannot wait to share these things in more detail with you all ^_^

Thank-you for reading