LOTW | Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Lipstick in Everything Nice

Hello everybody! I hope you had a great week. I have really enjoyed this week's LOTW, it's the first one I've tried from Gerard Cosmetics and I featured it in this haul. It's the shade Everything Nice, which I described as one of the most perfect shades for me ever. It's still a tad dark for me to feel comfortable to wear at home, but perhaps that's because I'm so used to wearing lighter nude shades! Anyway it's been great testing out another formula of liquid lipstick and I am a big fan.

Price: I purchased mine from BeautyBay for £9.50, which I think is a great price for a liquid lipstick! However this shade is currently out of stock, thus nowhere to be seen on site. Keep an eye out for it, unless you're really wanting to pick it up, in which case you can purchase it on cocktail cosmetics for £13.00.

Packaging: The outer packaging I really like, the frosted bottle looks classy and the golden lid looks just as lovely. I also think the box it comes in is pretty nice too (not that you'll keep that for long, but it's worth throwing in the review haha). I like the doefoot, it's small enough to have precision and holds enough product in one 'dip' to cover all my lips. The issue I have with the bottle though, is that it doesn't have any sort of stopper. So when you're pulling out the wand too much product comes out = messsssy. It's not a major issue by any means, but it would be nice if they could sort it out.

L: Natural light R: Flash

Colour: Everything nice is an odd colour to swatch, and an odd colour in general, because it always comes out a lot darker on the skin and can actually change tone too..l.et me explain. So when I purchased this and 1995, I was a kinda disappointed because I swatched them both next to each other and they looked very similar! D: However when applied to the lips, the best description I can give you is that Everything Nice is the perfect neutral mix of brown and peach. It's soft, flattering and suits my warm skintone beautifully. HOWEVER, this is very important to mention here, if you go to reapply this and there is still some of the lipstick left on your lips, the shade that you will get is a good deal darker than the initial shade when first applied. I do find this a bit annoying, because if you're eating oily food and half of it comes off, it's kind of a struggle to reapply the perfect shade that it is. The best thing to do, is remove all of it entirely and then reapply, but all liquid lipsticks require an oil based remover to actually get rid of them completely...I can't be carrying around oil in my bag y'know?!

Formula and Lasting time: The formula is of course that of a liquid lipstick, it isn't as thick or creamy as the Stila formula, however it is just as pigmented which I love. I tend to apply one layer to my bottom lip, press my lips together and then add in the small areas I've missed. This doesn't dry within 10 seconds, I'd say it takes at least 40-50 to properly set and its 90% transfer proof. I find that without eating or drinking heavy oily foods, this will last nicely for about 7 hours before it starts showing signs of wear. When I do have oily food though, it begins disappearing which is normal and expected. I don't find this formula to be very drying, however as with any liquid lipstick formula out there, to a certain extent they will dry out the lips a little. I don't find this sits in the lines on my lips, or accentuates dryness, instead it glides on smoothly, with an opaque finish which looks beautiful.

Favourite way to wear it: I line my lips with Rimmel's Tiramisu, one of my favourite neutral lipliners for sure! I like lining my lips first, so I have a guide on where to apply the liquid lipstick, however I have worn it alone plenty of times, with a fairly neat application. 

Overall: I have had a pretty positive experience with this formula and the shade itself is gorgeous! It's my ideal everyday kind of shade, however I wish the colour would remain consistent instead of changing if reapplied. That is a little frustrating for sure. Because of this I would only wear this out for a shopping trip, or a visit to a family member's house. It's not really something I can keep in my bag and reapply, on a long day out.

Available from: Beautybay and Cocktail cosmetics!

Rating: 7/10 - it would be a 9 if the colour stayed the same ☹️

Repurchase? Despite my annoyance with the colour changing, the shade itself is so beautiful and I do think it's hard to find colours that flatter my skintone alone, without the need to mix a couple together. For that reason I would repurchase - which shows how much I love the colour, because that's not to say I don't have my frustrations with this product. However the colour is just THAT good that I can excuse the reapplication issue. 

Have you tried any of the Gerard Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks?

Thank-you for reading