LOTW | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist (07)

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist (07) review and swatch

Hello everyone! I am officially finished with University!!! Woooohooo! Excuse the lateness of this post, but I had to get the last of Uni done before I could get properly stuck into blogging again. Anyway I know I've been gone for a while, so naturally I've been wearing more than just one lipstick of the week, however I've been rotating between a couple so that when I did eventually get back to my blog I'd have some posts to share. Now you may remember the first time I featured one of these Rouge Edition Velvets on my blog (post here) and I was just not very impressed. I won't go back into the reasons, but in short I found it didn't stay put and to be honest that colour in particular just wasn't my cup of tea either. Also I was probably applying too much product, one of my lovely readers suggested I wipe off more of the product before applying it, as it is a wetter/creamy formula and a little means it'll kind of dry faster.

Price: This range costs £8.99 each, which is pretty pricy for a highstreet product! But I suppose if you compare it to high end matte lipsticks, it's not TOO bad.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist (07) review and swatch

Colour: This shade is called Nude-ist and it was a little bit annoying because it's one of those shade names which just doesn't quite match the colour. Nude-ist is very much a pink shade, it has a touch of peach in it, but to me it is not a nude shade at all. It's actually a beautiful colour for the springtime, a step away from my typical mauvy shades, it's brighter and has a definite pink tone to it. I just wish they had been a little more honest or precise with the name, but since checking online I've seen that they've actually created a nude shade which looks gorgeous (it's called cool brown) so I'm not TOO annoyed haha.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist (07) review and swatch

Formula and Lasting time: Like I said earlier, this is a creamy mosey kind of formula. It's comfortable on the lips, however it doesn't really dry down in a hurry. It takes about an hour to dry down and the it becomes more of a stain on the lips. To me this isn't a liquid lipstick, but it's definitely longer lasting than a typical lipstick in a bullet form. I've only worn this particular shade alone a couple of times, so lasting time alone is probably similar to the first shade I tried (3.5 hours - 4 hours before fading slightly). 

Favourite way to wear it: I love mixing this with lighter liquid lipsticks, in particular the Stila range. I recently purchased another shade, which I'll be sharing with you all very soon and I'm also thinking of doing a post with all my favourite lip colours of the moment (including mixes, because sometimes mixing two colours together creates the most PERFECT tone for my own skintone). You can also manipulate the shade by applying a darker or lighter lip liner all over the lips, which works pretty well. Currently I am wearing this over Rimmel's Tiramisu and I really like the outcome!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist (07) review and swatch

Overall: I had a much more positive experience with nude-ist, despite the slightly misleading name. I have found it comfortable to wear, it doesn't dry out my lips much at all, although with any type of formula that dries down you have to expect that a little. When I apply a lot less than I was using before I find it much more manageable and also I really like how versatile it is. It mixes quite well with actual liquid lipsticks, though this process is is trial and error as LL's have a typically more liquid formula (of course), but it's not rocket science haha. I also like the doefoot applicator, I find there is a lot of control with it and it's comfortable to apply with. I will get a lot more use out of this shade than the other one, so I'm glad I have it in my stash but in all honesty it's not a must have shade for me and if it disappeared from my collection I wouldn't rush out to buy it. I am going to be picking up the shade cool brown, now I know i can make the formula work (less is more ladies!).

Available from: ASOS, FeelUnique currently on sale, Boots & Superdrug!

Rating: 7/10

Repurchase? No, it's pretty but there are a tonne of lip products on my to buy list and this isn't unique enough for a repurchase. Since my ban I have seen how much I own and how much I actually use each lipstick, so to be honest unless I can't stop using a product because I love it that much, I'm going to be a lot less frivolous with these repurchases! 

Have you tried any of these shades? Which is your favourite?

Thank-you for reading ♥