Colourpop Series #1 | Light Nudes Shades

Colourpop ultra matte liquid lipsticks in biance, clueless and solow review and swatch

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first of my posts in the colourpop ultra matte liquid lipsticks series (but for short I'm calling it colourpop series haha). So as you may have seen in my hauls I ordered a LOT of liquid lipsticks from colourpop as well as a few satins, and I thought the best way to review them would be in groups of three. I also wanted to let you all know that COLOURPOP WILL BE SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY ON TUESDAY 12TH OF JULY!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 So I hope these posts will be helpful to you when placing orders, they have such a huge range of shades that it can be a little overwhelming, so check back on my blog every weekend for a new post with thorough reviews ^_^

Colourpop ultra matte liquid lipsticks in biance, clueless and solow review and swatch

For each of these posts there will be a corresponding swatch videos on IG, so you can see how the shades look against my skintone (medium/olive/yellow toned). I will also be using a lot of ratings in this post as I have found the colours to differ in terms of formula. Starting off with the things that don't change though, I do like the packaging it's lightweight, has silver detailing which makes it look a little more pricey than it is and I also like how the doefoot applicator is pretty small! Personally I'll only use a lipliner with a liquid lipstick if the shade is a little too light and I need some more definition, otherwise I'll just line my lips with that liquid lipstick itself as they normally have more than enough opacity and longevity alone.

Its also important to note that all liquid lipsticks are a little drying and colourpop's are no exception. Some people find them to be a lot more drying, however you simply need to remember to apply them to DRY lips (which have been balmed up before and of course scrubbed too), and also you only should apply ONE layer. Avoid applying it to the bottom lip and pressing them together, it is better to put on a single layer on both lips and wait for the application to dry down. This way the liquid lipstick will set well and last too. I also find that the more dehydrated that I am, the more the formula sets into fine lines on my lips.

Colourpop ultra matte liquid lipsticks in biance, clueless and solow review and swatch

The three colours in this post are: Bianca, Clueless and Solow.

1. Bianca 

Colourpop describes this as a soft mauve pink and I totally agree with that! Bianca is by far my all time favourite nude liquid lipstick from all the brands I have tried. Nude shades are really hard to get right, regardless of the formula as they can often look cakey or flaky and accentuate lines on the lips due to the lighter shade. Bianca however glides on in a thin layer and I can hardly feel it on my lips when it has dried, which I love. It lasts a really long time on my lips, easily passing the 5/6 hour mark and it not in the slightest bit streaky. I do go over the edges of my lips once this has dried down with a slightly darker lip liner which gives my lips more definition, as this shade is JUST a little bit too light for me and could wash me out without that lipliner. However like I said, so far its the best nude liquid lipstick in my stash and I envisage repurchasing this one a couple of times!

Overall Rating (colour, longevity, comfortableness) : 5/5

2. Clueless

Colourpop describes this as a dusty mauve pink and this shade is the supposed dupe for Kylie's lipkit in Candy K - when you look at online swatches, it certainly does look similar. I wanted to much to love this shade, but I have more of a love/hate relationship with it. All colourpop liquid lipsticks require special prep as I have touched upon above, however clueless is a shade which can look terrible if you're not extra extra careful. For some reason the formula of this shade is thicker than the others that I have tried, so when it does eventually dry down it almost sits thickly ontop of the lips and really accentuates any lines and ridges in the lips. Also I noticed that due to the thicker formula, it looks so weird around the inside edges of my mouth after a couple of hours - not a good look! So the best way to describe this shade is cakey, which is a shame as the colour is quite a flattering mauve shade. It definitely does have a blue tone to it, which makes my teeth look brighter but thats the only thing I like about it! I wouldn't repurchase it but I've not heard a lot of negative reviews so perhaps I got a dodgy one? Either way it looks darker than the swatch so do be aware of that.

Overall Rating (colour, longevity, comfortableness) : 2/5

3. Solow

Colourpop describes this as a neutral nude pink, however its definitely got a hint of peach. I'd say its more of a medium shade of pink rather than nude, and it is a little out of my comfort-zone as its quite a bit brighter than my typical go-to. So I'd only reach for this shade when its the summer time and I'm wearing lighter shades in general. I've mainly been using this colour to mix with lighter shades, as it looks beautiful with Bianca! Also when it comes to mixing colourpop ultra mattes, I'd highly recommend using your finger and working quickly, or a brush. This has a similar formula to Bianca, its quite thin and very liquidy and it sets well on the lips without accentuating any imperfections. Solow is a nice enough colour and it doesn't look too off against my skintone, however I don't think I'd repurchase. It's not a shade I'd reach for over and over like Bianca. I recommend this colour more to your fairer skinned ladies, as it can look a bit chalky against medium/dark skintones.

Overall Rating (colour, longevity, comfortableness) : 3/5

I do apologize for these swatches! I didn't have time to get a better one that this, however like I said I have swatched these over on my IG, so check those out if you want to see more. From left to right is Bianca, clueless and solow and from these three I will repurchase Bianca for sure! Although it looks darker in this swatch, it appears lighter and a good nude shade against my medium skintone (even if a lip liner is needed!).

Have you tried any of these shades? Which are your favourites?

Thank-you for reading