July 2016 Update | Eid, Beauty By Maryam Launch & Graduating!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. July 2016 has probably been the best month of the year for me and I have so much to write in this update!


On the 6th of July it was Eid Ul Fitr which is the celebration at the end of the month of Ramadan. This year we all went out for lunch rather than have Eid at home and it was such a refreshing change! Usually each family cooks one or two things and then we tend to go to round to one families house and set out all the food. As great as Eid usually is, it was so nice to have a change and after the meal we went to my aunties, played a game of pass the parcel with the kids. I also made sure I had a little more time to do my makeup and used the beautiful Anastasia Beverly Hills MR palette and went for a much more bolder look than I usually would. I am definitely the type of person to stick to my usual look, perhaps switching up the blusher shade or lip colour but not being too adventurous. What can I say, I'm a creature of comfort! But having said that, making such an effort on Eid and really trying to follow tutorials and use colour was such a fun experience and I definitely want to continue. I also wore the most beautiful false lashes which I will be discussing in tomorrows blog post with you all, they're super affordable but look so lovely and fluttery on, I am obsessed. 

Also for prep I got the whole family to do the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay which is essentially the best deep cleansing mask I have ever tried - and 100% natural. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

The Start of Teacher training

Yes that is correct, I have officially started my teacher training and I am SO excited! In the middle of July I attended the induction day and got to meet my fellow trainees, meet the staff and get the whole programme over-view. It's kind of insane that in less than a month I will have began the training and will be preparing for such a full on year and a part of me is very nervous - but theres comes a time where everyone has to stop being a student and transition into a 'real adult'! I thought it was really cool how we were gifted iPad minis to help us with out course. We have some homework to do and a little preparation which I do need to get on with. I am one of those stationary addicts and I am really enjoying organising myself and putting some of the pretty notebooks I already own to good use. It was great to meet with the other trainees, many of whom had decided their corporate job was not for them anymore and they wanted to get into teaching. There were a few like myself who were fresh graduates, pursuing their passion for working with children and there were also a couple of people who had been working as a T.A and already had a lot of classroom experience. The school direct course route for PGCE is very full on but thats kind of why I choose it and I will be doing a dedicated blog post on getting onto the course for those few people who have specifically asked me. If you're interested in reading more about my experiences then do keep an eye out for these monthly posts as I'll add a paragraph each time to catch you up, as well as document it for myself too.

Beauty By Maryam Launch

On the very same day as the teaching induction there was also an exciting beauty launch in London. At first I wasn't going to go, but when I emailed the lovely Maryam (IG here), she was so lovely and said I should come anyway even if I'd miss the first few hours! The event was sooo classy, beautiful decorations, great food and even a bouncer with a guest list, yes I felt very cool. I was gutted that I had to miss the start of the event but it was a pleasure to meet so many lovely ladies who I'd seen on the gram and also see the beautiful 3D silk lashes too! They are so lightweight yet fluttery and I am looking forwards to trying them out soon.


And the BEST part of my July simply had to be donning the gown and cap and graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Developmental and Educational Psychology! Three years of hard work lead up to this day and without sounding like a packet of wotsits (or cheetos for those of you across the pond), it was genuinely one of the best days of my life. I didn't even realise how much graduation would mean to me, but I felt incredibly proud and a huge part of that is due to how lovely and supportive my family were. My dad bought me the most beautiful flowers I have ever received and my wonderful grandma (AKA Amijee) came down from London for the ceremony and stayed with us for a week which was amazing. Honestly although I have my post-grad plans in place a small part of me is still in shock that I've done the three years of Uni and come out with a degree! When I was a young teen I had imagined that once I have got to this stage I'd be very different...sophisticated, someone who has a signature scent and always smells good and yes as silly as that may sound that is genuinely what I thoughts haha. I'm not quite this fancy chic that I have described, but looking back to the person I was 3 years ago makes me realise how much I have changed and grown since then. I think the ages 16-21 are years where everyone changes a great deal, but I know going to University is a big part of why I am the person I am today. I genuinely feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to go to University and get on the career path I know I really want to do.

Anyway my eyes are shutting and I am nodding off as I type this, so I'd better stop nattering on!

How was your July?

Thank-you for reading