June 2016 Favourites

june 2016 favourites the blushing giraffe spin for perfect skin, anastasia beverly hills modern renaissance, sleek suede blush, ABH glow kit sundipped

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've blogged, because I've just been trying to enjoy the end of Ramadan as much as I can, however I did want to get my favourites up because I'm the type of person who hates posting mid-month faves haha. This month I have got a BUNCH of new things, due to birthday money and treating myself for my final year university results, however because I've been fasting I've not been wearing a lot of makeup or trying out a lot of new things. So this is probably one of the smallest favourites post I have ever typed up, but y'know with my fabulous ability to ramble on and on this'll still be rather long.

Anastasia beverly hills modern renaissance, morphe m501, ABH glow kit sundipped

In the month of June the AMAZING summer collection from Anastasia Beverly Hills was released, and the hype was and IS REAL! Seriously they did an amazing job with these new products and I treated myself to the Modern Renaissance Palette (£41) and Glow Kit in Sun dipped glow (£39) and both of these are worth every single penny. The eyeshadow palette is for the first time, permanently available which is awesome because you don't have to worry about it not being available in the future unlike her other palettes! Also you get more pans with this palette AND the size of the pans are slightly larger. There were two reasons why I was excited about this palette, firstly the colour selection is right up my ally - mostly warm but a couple of cool and a LOT of matte shades. Secondly the quality of ABH shadows are incredible. I picked some of the single shadows up in my May birthday sephora haul here, and I was blown away, seriously some of the best eyeshadows I have tried EVER.

The newest glow kit (there are now three in the range) IS limited edition, so if you guys want to get your glow on I'd suggest not hanging around! I have had the biggest stress with these glow kits and I will be explaining everything in an upcoming haul, but anyways this particular glow kit is STUNNING. The formula of the ABH glowkits are what make them super special, creamy, pigmented and long lasting. I love the Becca highlighters (even though I only have one) but I have to admit that sometimes they can look TOO intense and even accentuate any texture on the skin. That just doesn't happen with the glow kits formula, they look good EVERY TIME and the range of colours is fantastic, plus the pan size for the price?? Amazing. 100% worth the £££.

The brush I have been loving to use with this is the Morphe M501 (£6.25) which is a natural hair brush (sable) and it picks up the highlight so perfectly, you literally just need to tap the brush into the pan once and you have enough pigment. When I want a lighter application I'll use a synthetic fan brush as that picks up less product! Also the M501 is the ONLY brush that shows the Laura Geller Gilded Honey highlight up properly, such a great budget buy! I was umming and ahhing over the ABH highlight brush, but this is just over one fifth of the price and does the job perfectly!

spin for perfect skin

Moving onto a skincare favourite, I am really excited to talk about this on my blog: the Spin for perfect skin vanity planet brush which I have been seeing all over YouTube for months now. I've never been interested in the Clarisonic and similar face brushes, although they appealed to me were a little bit too expensive for me to buy on a whim. I didn't want to spent over £60 on a brush and then end up not liking it, so the price point of the vanity planet brushes were the first thing that drew me in. I knew a lot of YouTubers were getting commission for promoting these brushes, which is totally fine of course, but I do think its a bit silly how they're being sold for $100 and then if you apply a code you get it for only $30...why not just sell it for $30 in the first place?? Seeing it all over YouTube kind of put me off too, but recently due to a lot of stress my skin just wasn't cooperating and it was getting more oily than ever which made me reevaluate my current cleansing routine. I basically went onto their site and created an account, then I placed it in my basket and without typing in any code because somehow when I put it into my basket it was already discounted??? (lol). Then I got distracted and forgot about it and a day later I got an email saying 'looks like you forgot something, heres an extra 10% off to help you make up your mind'...and I paid a total of $20 which is £15!! BARGAIN. Okay now on to the actual product 🤗

So this is what you get in the box, I was planning on doing a separate post but now I'm just going to combine it with my faves as I don't have loads of products to talk about this month. You get a pumice stone, a large body cleansing brush, an exfoliating brush and a daily cleaning brush too. So far I have used all of them, apart from the pumice stone and I have been thoroughly pleased. My skin has never been this soft and smooth, I can finally see why so many girls on youtube are raving about it! I've been using the daily cleansing brush almost every single day after I have removed my makeup and the amount of extra makeup and yuckiness it manages to get off in the most gentle manner possible is amazing. I'm also really impressed with the tougher exfoliating brush, I swear since using this my skin has been less congested and my T-zone is less oily which brilliant! The speed of the brush is slower than I expected, but I do like it because it feels very relaxing whilst also doing what it needs to do.

I wanted to note that this was delivered from a UK address which I was surprised about, but that also explains the affordable shipping costs and why it arrived really quickly. Also this means that it'll be really affordable when it comes to picking up extra brush heads and I'm really interested in trying their teeth whitening kits too. The spin for perfect skin takes 4 AA batteries, I'm using rechargeable ones cause yknow ecofriendly and all zat good stuff, but I was speaking to a lovely reader who's been using this for months and she said she's yet to replace her batteries. So basically if you're not using a facial brush currently, I HIGHLY recommend getting this (remember to keep it in the basket and leave it there for a day or two, maybe you'll be lucky enough to get that extra 10% off too ;D). My face feels cleaner than ever at the end of the day and my makeup actually applies a lot smoother too. I don't have a discount code, but type in spin for perfect skin on YouTube and loads will come up!

quayXchrisspy jetlagged sunglasses and sleek suede blush

And the final makeup product, the blush I have been LOVING is Sleek's Suede (£4.95). It is such a gorgeous nude shade blush, inbetween a pink and a brown it is very flattering on all skintones but especially those of you who have a medium skintone like me! I love applying a small amount of this onto the apples of my cheeks, it makes such a nice change from pinks and shimmers which I typically reach for and it is great for everyday. I highly recommend suede to those of you who aren't really blush people, because it adds a bit of dimension and colour without being over the top ever.

I had to mention the QuayXChrisspy Jetlagged sunglasses (£40.00) which I purchased when I got my 20% off birthday discount code from ASOS! I love a good pair of sunnies and I own one of the Quay glasses already which are matte black and a lot more subtle than these. Quay glasses are very very good quality for a decent price, to be honesy £20+ is expensive to me but provided I take care of them I should still be using them in the next 20 years of so...which makes them an investment right?!? Anyway I really wanted the pair called Gemini and of course those are the only ones the U.K ASOS don't stock 🙄 these were my second faves and they are HUGE, the biggest sunglasses I own so if you're not a fan of large/oversized lens skip these. However I love the rose-gold mirror tint on them and how they provide a lot of protection, especially on those no makeup lack of sleep days too.

Those were my June favourites! What were you loving in June?

Thank-you for reading