colourpop chi, beeper and tulle ultra matte liquid lipstick review and swatch

Hello lovely people! Sorry for the little in-pronto blogging break I took, the heat and recent events were to blame, but I am back again today with another colourpop lips post. This time with a darker more brown themed colour family. I am going to be copying and pasting the application tips from the last post, incase you've stumbled upon this one first (but you can read the 'light nude shades' post here). In this set of three I'm happy to say there aren't any that I disliked formula wise, they all applied well and lasted the same amount of time (around 5 hours before it started fading).

I like the packaging it's lightweight, and has silver detailing which makes it look a little more pricey than it is. All liquid lipsticks cost $6 by the way, VERY affordable! I also like how the doefoot applicator is pretty small! Personally I'll only use a lipliner with a liquid lipstick if the shade is a little too light and I need some more definition, otherwise I'll just line my lips with that liquid lipstick itself as they normally have more than enough opacity and longevity alone.

Its also important to note that all liquid lipsticks are a little drying and colourpop's are no exception. Some people find them to be a lot more drying, however you simply need to remember to apply them to DRY lips (which have been balmed up before and of course scrubbed too), and also you only should apply ONE layer. Avoid applying it to the bottom lip and pressing them together, it is better to put on a single layer on both lips and wait for the application to dry down. This way the liquid lipstick will set well and last too. I also find that the more dehydrated that I am, the more the formula sets into fine lines on my lips.

colourpop chi, beeper and tulle ultra matte liquid lipstick review and swatch

Now on to the review and swatches of each shade!

1. Chi

Colourpop describes this as a cool toned nude and I totally agree with that. As with the vast majority of liquid lipsticks, Chi dries deeper than it appears in the tube. I thought this would be my perfect nude liquid lipstick and it was actually one of the shades I was most excited for, however it is just a little bit too cool toned against my complexion. I can definitely make it work for me, but not when I use it alone. Chi is cool toned a very nude, so it can wash me out a little.

My favourite way to wear this is with a deeper lip liner first (Rimmel Tiramisu) and the apply a small amount of this, blend it out with my finger and basically wear it as a light wash of colour, rather than a full on liquid lipstick in all of its intensity. Sometimes it does need a little adjusting even after blending, so I'll go back in with the lip liner and straighten it up...a bit of a faff! Its a workable colour but I'm not crazy over it and I'll only reach for it when I have the time. My favourite nude liquid lipstick from Colourpop is Bianca (reviewed here) if you were curious!

Overall Rating (colour, longevity, comfortableness) : 4/5

2. Beeper

Colourpop describes this as a warm mid-toned taupe and I'd say thats a pretty accurate description. I do find beeper to be quite an odd shade, its one of those colours that pulls differently on different skintones. The swatch on their site isn't too accurate (probably because of this!). I picked it up for my best friend and on her it looks a lot more brown toned, whereas on me its much more of a mauve and definitely pulls purple.  If you read the reviews on the CP website under this shade you'll see a lot of different shade descriptions, and I'm sure you'd find the same if you google swatches too!

Although I wish it was more warm toned and brown on me, I do like the colour and I will wear it now and again. Again its not a favourite but it is a shade I can wear alone and it goes with most looks too - dressed up or casual. Beeper is a supposed dupe for Kylie Jenner's lipkit in Dulce K, I don't own any of the lipkits so I can't compare them myself, but I recommend watching this youtube video by Shaanxo, which is super helpful!

Overall Rating (colour, longevity, comfortableness) : 4/5

3. Tulle

Colourpop describes this as a dusty mauve burgundy and I'd say thats a pretty accurate description. Tulle is actually my favourite shade form this trio, not because it is the most wearable - more because it really really flatters my medium yellow-toned skin, I am obsessed with how it adds so much life to my face! It pretty much is my all time favourite bold shade and the formula, though a little streaky, is very easy to work with. When I say streaky, I mean I apply it a little slower than the other shades to ensure it is evenly coated on the lips and that it doesn't go out of the lines or smudge. With darker and deeper colours it is much harder to conceal any mistakes so thats kinda a given!

Back to the shade, Tulle is a very wearable burgundy/purple mix and it truly is a MUST have shade for medium skintones, I urge all my fellow brown gals to purchase it. I was a little unsure when I saw this in the tube, but it does dry down darker which I was really happy about. Again the swatch on the website isn't quite how it translates on the lips, but I'm so so happy that its a colour that I love. Will I get through it quickly? Definitely not. However I would totally repurchase whenever it runs out because its a shade that I really like...y'know if you hadn't figured this out already.

Overall Rating (colour, longevity, comfortableness) : 5/5

colourpop chi, beeper and tulle ultra matte liquid lipstick review and swatch

That is the end of second colourpop liquid lips post! I hope you found it helpful and do head over to my IG for more swatches. I also hope my blogging will get back to a more regular schedule, I have family over and a lot of change going on at the moment so I have given myself some guilt free time off ^_^ But having said that I am very excited to get back to the blogging world too!

Thank-you for reading