Review | Barry M Lip-gloss ‘2’ Toffee

Barry M Lipgloss Shade 2 Toffee
Barry M Lipgloss Toffee | LINK | £4.49

Hello! Now way back at the end of July, I mentioned this little gem in my favourites, but never got round to do a full review of it so… here is why I love this gloss so much and the reason it is an essential in my makeup bag!

Barry M Lipgloss 2 toffeeBarry M Lipgloss 2 toffee

As you can see from the photos I’ve used over 50% of this, which is rare for me. I’m not a massive ‘lips’ person, though I am trying to change this constantly, but I find the faff of making sure it hasn’t bled, faded, smudged etc. too much of a hassle most days. However I would say the most comfortable colour for me has got to be lighter pinks/nudes. You normally cannot go wrong with this colour combo, university, out shopping, work, even for an evening out/party look a nudish pinks works well. I won’t even go off on a tangent about the difficulty of finding the perfect nude however…lets save that for another post!

Barry M Lipgloss 2 toffee

All I can say with confidence, is this lip-gloss, paired with any colour adds life to the lips. I find nudes and lighter colours can sometimes look very flat and dull, but when I add this gloss, due to its neutral/nude tone and subtle sparkle it jazzes up the lips, without taking away from the actual colour underneath and essentially keeping it classy and subtle.

Barry M Lipgloss 2 toffee

It also smells pretty lovely and looks good alone too! It has a doe foot applicator, and is feels comfortable and moisturising on the lips (not that horrid heavy, gloppy, sticky feeling you get with some glosses!) I find it is the most versatile shade and gloss I have come across and it’s one of those trustworthy ‘you-just-cannot-go-wrong’ picks (HG status perhaps??)

Barry M Lipgloss 2 toffee
With flash
Barry M Lipgloss 2 toffee
Without flash
It is ever so SLIGHTLY more of a brown toned nude, which some how means it works well with most natural lip colours, and beautifully on top of all bright and light coloured lipsticks and liners :)

It is basically my favourite drugstore lip-gloss ever and I envisage many repurchases of this baby – at £4.50 it’s a total bargain in my eyes! 

Have you tried any lip-glosses from the Barry M range?