Review | Bath and Bodyworks Pocketbac Anti-bacterial hang gel in ‘Smart Cookie’ and ‘Swingin’ Vanilla’

phhhhhhew that was a long title!
bath and bodyworks pocketbac
Hello lovelies!
Today I am going to be talking about these two cute bottles, which are from an American brand called ‘bath and body works’. I’m sure it’s a brand that needs no introduction, as even people who have never visited the states (like me!) must have heard about it’s utterly overwhelming selection of scents for all things CLEAN and BATHish. Now unfortunately they do not have a UK store but good ol’ e-bay means we get to try out some of the soapy goodness too!

Bath and Bodyworks Pocketbac

If you head on over to the US site you will see the immense variety of these ‘pocketbac’ anti-bacterial gels, and you may also see the 5 for $5 which could possibly make you sob internally like I did (WHY IS EVERYTHING SO FLIPPIN CHEAP THERE D:) I saw these on one of those ‘ebay picks for under £5!’ useful posts that some bloggers do and so I clicked HERE and picked ‘smart cookie’ and ‘swingin vanilla’ and they were £2.84 each which is actually ridiculous compared to the US price, but I was too curious and in need of nice smell hand gel to mind. There are quite a few to chose from including regular scents if you wish.

I’m sure many of you have heard of Soap and Glory’s hand maid, which is a fantastic £2.50 and contains 50ml of product, smells ever so sweet and cutesy and actually lasts a jolly good long time. I have just about run out of that bottle, and as I am now dependent on public transport to get to uni and back hand-gel is a complete must for me.

Bath and Bodyworks Pocketbac

So anyway I haven’t opened swingin’ vanilla yet, but I’m 99.99999%sure that it’ll smell like Vanilla and hopefully not of bananas as the monkey on the front suggests…I am currently using ‘Smart Cookie’ and I think it’s perfectly appropriate for a student (tehehe). It also smells GORGEOUS! I don’t have a brilliant sense of smell, but when my sinuses are cleared I can smell a scent of cookies, cakes and brioche (according to my sister) which is a nice change from the sweet sweet sweet scent of the S&G and also lovely for autumn/winter. In terms of value, you get 29ml, which is 21ml less than with S&G (and probably more compared to the cheaper brands that smell of disinfectant) but they do the job, fit nicely in any makeup bag or even pocket and make a lovely change. If I ever get the chance to visit the US I’ll be stocking up on a huge amount of these, as well as other B&BW goodies! (PLEASE COME TO THE UK!)