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Hello lovely people!

Today I want to share a lovely online shop with you, run by a wonderful lady and it sells a variety of unique, on trend and vintage necklaces, phone cases, rings, watches and more. With the name DUSTY DIAMONDS the pieces are all really classy, stunning and finish off any outfit effortlessly. What really separated this particular online store from the others for me, was the fact that with each purchase you make, a certain percentage of that money is donated to charity (a different one each month) I was so impressed and humbled by that because charity is very important to me (and most people with a conscious usually!) and for this shop to be giving away part of their profit, and allowing me to feel satisfied that I’ve contributed to a good cause WHILE treating myself, it just made the whole shopping experience a lot more satisfying!

Dusty Diamonds

First off lets start with the packaging. Now I don’t know about you but I think when a company has put that extra little bit of effort into how they’ve presented their goods, I feel happier with my purchase and overall experience with them and more inclined to shop with them again next time! I mean your lovely new item shoved in a brown paper envelope with a printed message asking for good feedback is hardly very inspiring is it?? (im looking at CHU certain e-bay sellers!) Dusty Diamonds package all their products in adorable stripy paper bags and the cute little touches really made my day when opening them

Dusty Diamonds

My first order was some lovely plain and simple, yet extremely affordable gold midi rings. They came in that stripy bag, in their own little red envelope with my name written across, and in that envelope were the cutest little heart shaped confetti! Now if that isn’t the cutest thing ever I don’t know what is! Adored the personal touches, it added so much more value and genuine satisfaction ^.^

Midi Rings Dusty Diamonds

A set of five midi rings cost £3 which I thought was extremely reasonable as many places are selling similar rings for a lot more money! I was a simple gold band, not twisted or textured or with charms dangling off, I just wanted a set of midi rings that could be paired with some of my simple gold rings from ASOS and these do the job perfectly! Here are some photos of what they look like on my far from delicate hands:

Dusty Diamonds Midi RingsDusty Diamonds Midi RingsDusty Diamonds Midi Rings

I popped a thin coat of clear nail polish over the rings as all artificial jewellery tends to lose colour eventually and am thoroughly satisfied with the quality and how they look too!

A few weeks later, there was a sale on dusty diamonds and I had had my eyes on this lovely Chanel case for a while. It is by far the most expensive phone case I have, but I don't regret this little treat in the slightest, it's basically a cute little Chanel purse case which fits the phone and two cards perfectly

chanel phone case Dusty Diamondschanel phone case Dusty Diamondschanel phone case Dusty Diamonds

It is magnetic, keeping the case shut and the phone protected at all times. I just adore the quilted ‘oh-so-Chanel’ look it has, and though of course it isn’t real Chanel it looks very classy to me! Also I’ve never seen this case anywhere else before, you find so many of the same type copied over and over, but none like these, and with a 10% discount code I had to snatch it up! (Watch out for the amazing sales on the Instagram page @dustydiamonds)

chanel phone case Dusty Diamonds


The phone fits snuggle inside, and it’s easy to use headphones and charge it with the case on. It is made of high quality, and though it is pretty lavish, I couldn’t be happier with it! I have saved this for special occasions as I don’t want to ruin in with my day-to-day rushing about! But thanks Dusty Diamonds ^_^
Overall I just cannot express how impressed I am with this online store:, the quality of the products and the level of detail and amount of care with the packaging and making everything look absolutely delightful to receive has made my day and I will continue to buy from this site time and time again. 

Furthermore their ‘slogan’ if you like is: The Goal: To provide you with ornate contemporary jewellery and provide relief for countries in crisis which says a lot about them as a company, and I honestly feel so satisfied that someone out there in the world has gained some happiness, or at least relief at the same time as I have, through Dusty Diamonds. They ship to the UK and US but if you want to purchase something and are from elsewhere, you can easily e-mail them asking for an invoice of the shipping costs :)

Make sure you check out their Instagram page @dustydiamonds and/or check out the facebook page: and let me know what you think of their beautiful, unique pieces! (Whilst you’re on instagram be sure to follow me too @theblushinggiraffe ^_^)

P.S This was in no way sponsored, nor am I affiliated with Dusty Diamonds, I just wanted to share with you guys her brilliant site and hopefully it’ll be useful for when you want to treat yourself/choose a beautiful gift ^_^