Review | Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadows–Tangelo and Vanilla Cream


Hello beauties! I want to talk today about this eye shadow range by Calvin Klein, I first got ‘tangelo’ in a gift set with the bronzers mentioned in my previous favourites, and I loved it so much I picked up ‘vanilla cream’ from Fragrance direct. Now generally I am a palette kinda girl, mainly Sleek because they are boss with drugstore everything in all honesty, but I love my customisable fashionista ones and a few others…you get my drift. I find palettes are more versatile, travel friendly and better value for money. BUT when trying Tangelo, I was so impressed with how soft the shadow is, the pigmentation and the fact that I started using it every single day, the temptation to add another one to my stash became too much.


Lets talk about the packaging – summed up in one word, it is functional. Just clear plastic in a rectangular shape. They’re easy to store away (circular pots can be a right pain sometimes!). If I had paid more for these I’d expect them to be a little more prettier to the eye, but they do the job and make it easy to select the right shade, so little complaints from me :)

There is a huge range of colours available from Fragrance direct but of course as always the issue is the lack of online swatches available, so picking up vanilla cream I expected something slightly different and ended up getting quite a generic colour (something you DEFO want to avoid with single shadows, they’re only good if you get colours not similar to ones in palettes you already own y’know?)

DSCN7675Calivin Klein eyeshadow swatchesCalivin Klein eyeshadow swatches

Tangelo (on the left) is a beautiful neutral/orange colour with a slight sparkle about it. It looks ever so pretty all over the lid with just a little eyeliner and some mascara, some how it really add a little something to the eyes. It looks pretty average above, so I will definitely post some instagram photos later this week, but essentially it’s a perfect day/night shade. It blends beautifully and lasts all day. These are available from Fragrance direct (link) for £1.99. It says the RRP price is £13.50 and i'm guessing this is because CK used to do high end makeup? Either way it's fantastic quality, their bronzers are my favourite - so i'm not complaining! I’m not going to start collecting these, but they truly are beautiful single shadows and with 2.6g (that’s more product than you get with a bourjois blush!) they’re more than worth it. However I wouldn’t recommend vanilla cream, simply because the swatches speak for themselves! its probably the most generic shade I've come across unfortunately.

So to sum off:
  • soft blendable texture
  • lovely pigmentation
  • large amount of product in the pan
  • Tangelo looks stunning on any occasion ^.^

Have you tried any of the Calvin Klein range??